Fetus found buried in Kidapawan cemetery

Christian Cantillo and Benny Duga-duga found the fetus placed inside a milk container and buried in a shallow grave in the grassy portion of the cemetery.

The duo also discovered rolls of tissue paper and campaign paraphernalia of a local candidate with blood stains a few meters away from the area where the remains of the fetus were found.

Dr. Edwin Palmones, of the Kidapawan City hospital, said in his post mortem examination that he found bruises in the arms of the fetus. He opined that the mother must have applied force to abort the baby.

He also disclosed that the lower extremity of the fetus was already in advance state of decomposition and that he could no longer ascertain whether it is male or female.

In March, an eight-months-old fetus inside the plastic container was also discovered by the cleaner inside the comfort room of the Kidapawan City public terminal.