Grenade found in NoCot

The town's police chief, Insp. Nelson Lumugdang, said a group of youths having their early morning jogging accidentally found the fragmentation grenade beside the provincial road five meters away from the headquarter of incumbent and reelectionist Mayor Nestor Taasan.

Lumugdang said the safety lever of the explosive was already detached.

Tulunan PNP immediately cordoned the area to secure the commuters and the residents living nearby.

"The explosive could kill once it explodes. We are very thankful that the group of young people immediately reported it to our office," Lumugdang said.

He theorized that the fragmentation grenade lobbed in front of the KAMPI headquarter was a threat against Taasan, who reportedly received numerous death threats prior to the start of the campaign period.

Taasan said that politics is behind the threats. "I have suspects already but I let the PNP investigate on this matter," he added.

Taasan is seeking his third term against Gigi Mangudadatu and Oyok Perez.