Whoever wins polls, it?ll be business as usual — traders

Anthony Dizon, president of the Cold Chain Association of the Philippines, said allegations of cheating is not making big "shock waves" to their industry, adding that whether Team Unity or Genuince Opposition wins, "businessmen will always be businessmen."

"Concerns on food security transcends politics," Dizon said, noting that food-based industries will remain bullish as food is a basic need.

"As long as the industry's policy needs are addressed, it will not create so much shock waves," he said. He added that many of the winning candidates indicated they will back interests of the food industry.

But Manny Solorio, president of the Mindanao Federation of Shippers Association, told MindaNews that the mounting political tension brought about by the May 14 polls caused some foreign businessmen to delay investing until the situation has "cooled down".

He said the long time it takes to resolve election-related political tension might drag some new investments to Mindanao.

But Solorio shared Dizon's view that most businessmen do not let politics intervene with their operations. Whoever will win, he said, will only cause little effect on investors’ conduct.

Both groups are holding conferences in Mindanao in separate venues on June 21 and 22, a week before newly elected officials take their oath.

The shippers will hold the conference in Davao City to firm up industry agenda for global competitiveness.

Solorio said they are working to lower cost of transporting cargo from Mindanao, both to other country and abroad. He expects around 150 participants from shipping companies, forwarders, trucking firms, and government agencies.

The cold chain stakeholders will hold their conference in Cagayan de Oro City, where Dizon said they are trying to help improve viability of the vegetable industry and the growing integration of the livestock industry in Northern Mindanao.

Dizon said among the intents of the conference is to be able to carry out the message to the government to help investors flow in investments in the cold chain industry to improve the operating network of cold chain facilities.

Dizon said there are a number of investments in the food industry in Mindanao, including the P200-million meat processing plant eyed to be built in Davao City in the next six months.