Pinol tells traffic men to impound govt vehicles sans trip tickets

Aside from the impounding vehicles without trip tickets, Piñol also ordered the TMG to report the erring drivers and users to the Office of the Deputy Ombudsman for Mindanao and the provincial office of the Commission on Audit.

“It has been observed that there is a rampant misuse of government vehicles especially dump trucks going outside this province, going to beach resorts and on unofficial business,” Piñol said.

The directive came after reports said that about three to four government dump trucks in Kidapawan City have been transporting people to beach resorts in Davao del Sur on an almost daily basis. The trips to the beach resorts were reportedly rewards given to supporters of Kidapawan City officials who won in the May 14 elections. 

In another development, Piñol on Thursday scolded TMG elements after a barangay captain from Pikit complained of mulcting by the traffic personnel. He summoned the provincial and regional units of the TMG to his office after Barangay Captain Edgar L. Bacay, Sr. of Silik, Pikit complained that he and his vehicle were held by members of the LTO Flying Squad and TMG XII for three hours in Makilala Tuesday for lack of a permit to change engine.

“I will never allow extortion by anybody in my province,” he said. “I will not hesitate to file charges against any element of the TMG who is involved in mulcting from my people.”

“If Barangay Capt. Bacay indeed has a violation, it would have been proper for the group to issue him a violation ticket or impound his vehicle. The problem is, money in the amount of P3000 was being mulcted from him.”

After he received the complaint, Piñol immediately called the Cotabato PNP Crisis Rapid Response Group (CRRG) to check on the incident. While the CRRG was not able to catch up with the alleged mulcters, the group was able to get the names of the people involved.

Piñol said that this was not the first time that a mulcting complaint against the LTO Flying Squad and TMG XII reached his attention.

“Following the arrest and the filing of complaints against some elements of the LTO XII Flying Squad last year for the same malpractice, I thought these people have already learned their lessons. Apparently, they are still at it,” he said.

Police Inspector Jinifer Gamido of TMG XII already promised to stop their operations in North Cotabato after the governor gave him strong verbal orders to do so.

“There is already a TMG unit in the province. I see no need for you to still operate here,” Pinol said. He warned the TMG that he himself would pursue the charges against them if he receives another complaint of mulcting against the group.