LGUs hurry report for Arroyo’s SONA

Ronelo Alvarez, provincial director of the Department of Interior and Local Government, said the DILG has required the SLGR to be generated from the Local Government Performance Measurement System (LGPMS), an improvement of the annual reports local governments submit.

Alvarez said the department has required LGUs to submit the report to DILG regional offices on June 29, in the run up to President Arroyo's State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 24.

Three out of Bukidnon's 22 LGUs are yet to submit their reports past the deadline, with a grace period granted up to today, he said.

He told MindaNews in an interview Tuesday the reports will be inputted to the SONA.

Alvarez clarified that LGUs submit the SLGR not solely because of the SONA, but as part of the LGPMS.

Alvarez said it will be the first time the SLGR will be required from LGUs, replacing the annual report, which he labeled as "just a mere list of their accomplishments."

He said the DILG has included discussing the SLGR in the training and reorientation programs they organized for newly elected local government officials starting last month.

He described the SLGR as an internet-based tool to analyze required sets of data from the municipal, city, and provincial governments from around the country.

The information technology-based performance measurement tool will generate analyses in forms of feedback to LGUs for five local government areas, namely: governance, administration, social services, economic development, and environmental management.

He said LGUs could use the feedback to improve local governance.

Governance covers local legislation, transparency, and participation. Administration includes development planning, revenue generation, resource allocation, financial accountability, customer services, and human resource management and development.

Social services covers health and nutrition, education, housing, peace, security, and disaster risk management.

Economic development should include agriculture and fisheries development; entrepreneurship, business and industry promotion.

Environmental management will cover natural resources management, waster management, pollution control and urban land quality.

Rodolfo Rasul, DILG regional director, earlier told MindaNews that the President's SONA must reflect what has been indicated in the SLGR.

"But there were portions that were not factored in in the SONA because many LGUs around the country have not accomplished their reports," he said.

The DILG saw the SLGR as the real reflection of the status of the LGUs' performance

According to a link to the DILG website, the government has designed the LGPMS to effectively manage local service delivery.

"The result of the LGPMS implementation is the State of Local Governance Report (SLGR) that serves as a useful guide for the local officials in the formulation of their local development agenda. The SLGR is also a feedback mechanism for national government agencies, civil society organizations and funding organizations to rationalize development efforts and effectively determine what resources are needed by the LGUs and where they are most needed."

Rasul said earlier the SLGR contains both quantitative and qualitative ratings of the LGU's performance under the management of the local chief executives – the mayor or the governor.