M’lang bakwits return home

The affected families, mostly Maguindanaons, fled nearby Barangay Lepaga on
July 18, for fear of getting caught in the crossfire by two warring clans in
the area.

Chairman Roy Casipe said the evacuees abandoned their respective homes in
Gaunan when armed men believed to be members of the Pananggulong clan attacked
their village, killing Magundala Mangco and wounding Bimbo Mangco. The
attackers were allegedly led by a certain Bhutto Alonto, accordingly a member
of the Pananggulong clan.

Casipe said the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office of Mlang gave
rice assistance to the evacuees during their stay in the village hall for
almost three weeks.

Mayor Piñol assured residents of Barangay Gaunan of additional security forces
to avoid similar incident to happen again in their area.

Additional rice assistance and canned goods were also given by the MSWD to the

Pinol went to Barangay Gaunan bringing with him dump trucks to
bring the evacuees back to their homes.

“Indi bi sila magpa-uli kon indi ko sila pag idul-ong sa ila nga mga
panimalay,” (They don’t want to go home if I don’t personally escort them to
their respective homes,) Mayor Piñol said.

Mayor Piñol said the Pananggulong and Mangco clans had been at odds since
1990s because of land conflict.

The Pananggulongs, he said, accused the Mangco family of occupying their land
in Barangay Dungus. (MindaNews)