Ninotcha Rosca visits Davao

Rosca, author of the book, “Endgame: The Fall of Marcos” and the forthcoming “Undocumented: A housekeeper in New York,” is an active member of Gabriela Network USA, sister organization of Gabriela.

Rosca’s short stories had been featured in the 1986 “Best 100 Short Stories in the United States” by Raymond Carver and the Missouri Review Anthology.

According to wikipedia, Rosca is the author of the novels “State of War” and “Twice Blessed.” The latter won for her the 1993 American Book Award for excellence in literature. 

Her most recent book, “JMS: At Home In The World,” is co-written with Jose Maria Sison.

Rosca is active in the Women's Anti-Imperialist League.

She was a political prisoner under Marcos and was forced to go into exile in Hawaii following another threat of an arrest. (MindaNews)