Newly proclaimed barangay chair killed in S. Kabunsuan

Supt. Ismael Ali, Shariff Kabunsuan provincial police director, identified the victim as Samsudin Lumbos, who was proclaimed chair of Barangay Balut, some 10 kilometers north of this city.

Lumbos bested the reelectionist chair of Barangay Balut.

Initial police investigations disclosed that Lumbos’s killing could be politically-motivated. But as to who was behind it, the police has yet to know.

Lumbos was on his way home after he was proclaimed winner by the barangay’s board of canvassers when the assailant shot him on his forehead and chest. He was already dead when his body arrived at a hospital in this city.

The gunman used a caliber .45 pistol based on the empty slugs the police recovered from the crime scene.

Lumbos was reportedly with a number of his supporters on his way home. But what puzzled the authorities was that no one among his supporters had seen the killing.

His companions told police Lumbos was ahead of them and that the area where the killing took place was dimly lit.