2 electrocuted in Magpet

Police identified the victims as couple Raul and Emilia Dingui, both 29 and residents of Kausawagan village in Magpet.

Raul accidentally touched the live wire while hanging their clothes in the clothesline at the back of their house.

His wife, Emilia, tried to rescue him but was similarly electrocuted.

The couple sustained third degree burns due to the strong electric current that caused their instantaneous death, police said.

The couple's three-year old son found the cadaver of his parents by Thursday noon.

The police said it would investigate why a live wire was at back of the victims’ house.

In May last year a 17-year-old teenager was also electrocuted when he tried to get his chicken in the vacant lot in Barangay Manobisa. The boy touched the live wire attached to the fence.