Duterte orders criminal probe on Mariannet case as autopsy shows possible foul play

P/Supt. Matthew Baccay  had earlier said the girl's remains were exhumed this morning for autopsy by police medico legal officer, Dr. Thomas Dimaandal.

Dimaandal told reporters Mariannet was "alive when hanged" and that she sustained two hymenal lacerations, believed to have been caused "by any object including plastic, wood or an erect penis."

Baccay earlier told MindaNews the Amper family's delayed decision to agree to an autopsy came in the heels of speculations of alleged foul play. He said the family did not understand clearly what would be done in an autopsy. "They told us that's why they did not agree to an autopsy before," he said.

Mariannet left a month-long diary with entries from Oct. 1 to 25, depicting her feelings both of joy and pain about her family's situation and her attendance in school.

The diary was a requirement for her Pilipino subject, for submission on November 5, Monday.  She died on All Souls' Day, November 2, a Friday.

Mariannet's younger brother, Reynald, 10, found her hanging and still breathing around 3 p.m. that day in the interior part of their house.

He recounted to reporters he immediately tried to get the rope out of her Ate Manette but failed. He ran towards the noodles factory nearby where his mother works.

Her father, construction worker Isabelo, Sr., told MindaNews he met Reynald running towards his direction.

Baccay said the investigation would verify, too, if indeed she was sexually abused, one of the angles pursued by investigators.

Baccay said the family reported about the alleged suicide four days after her death. He said they were forced to file a police report when asked by the city government to submit one to support their request for burial assistance.

Even before the autopsy results were out, police had cited information revealed by the girl's classmates at the Maa Central Elementary School that Mariannet was having unusual behavior since June this year.

Baccay said a separate probe from the Department of Education showed that Mariannet told classmates she had a problem she couldn't tell them because it could "break my family."

In the DepEd investigation revealed to the media on Nov. 13, Mariannet reportedly asked classmates not to tell their teachers about her situation.

Even the loop of the rope allegedly used by the girl to hang herself is being investigated, Baccay said, adding one of her elder sisters told investigators Mariannet was not capable of tying the nylon rope to the beam.

"There was also no leverage in the room from where she could step to mount the rope," he said.

Reynald told investigators he could not believe his sister would hang herself. "Marag naay edaran nga nitabang niya," (It seems that somebody older was involved), Baccay quoted himn as saying.

The Ampers' hillside house had six other occupants aside from Mariannet: her father Isabelo, Sr. and mother Magdalena; Isabelo. Jr., 20, and his wife; Julieto, 18 and Reynald, 10.

Baccay also said reports indicated the Ampers had 13 domesticated dogs. "If there was foul play, it's difficult to have come from outside," he told reporters.

Police also probed the claim she allegedly killed herself because of her family's poverty, an angle that triggered national attention prompting President Arroyo to order an investigation.

In interviews with the media, the Ampers claimed that even though they had been through difficult times, they were able to feed their children.

Days before Mariannet's death, she asked for a P100 for a school project, Isabelo told MindaNews. He said he referred his daughter to her mother who might be able to get pay from her job at a noodle factory packing section.

He said that later, he was able to advance P1,000 payment from a new construction project. "I could have given her contribution from that," he told reporters.

But the Department of Education belied the claim the class had a project that required payment for at least a P100. Deped spokesperson Jenielito Atillo told MindaNews, only the diary was due that week.

Mariannet was buried on November 10. On November 12, Monday, her family agreed to an autopsy amid growing pressure on the possibility of "foul play."

The Ampers chose not to witness the exhumation morning of November 15. Baccay said. (Walter I. Balane/MindaNews)