Mutineers to ‘Mister’ Esperon: Tell the truth and don’t cry

The challenge, posted in www.sundalo. bravehost. com, is the rebel soldiers' latest response to Esperon's own dare for them to tell the truth behind the "Withdrawal
of Support" tapes. They said they are willing to have both sets of tapes played in public and to ask the Supreme Court "to remove all legal impediments to this effect."

Calling Esperon 'Mister', the Magdalo set eight other conditions for the truth-telling challenge, including an appeal to the chief of staff not to cry in front of [the] cameras.

The appeal, which sounds more like a taunt, brings to mind Esperon's crying before national television when Arroyo declared she would not run for president in the
2004 elections.

Arroyo went on to run and won by a million votes over closest rival, the late actor Fernando Poe Jr. Her victory, however, was marred by accusations she rigged
the vote allegedly with help from former election commissioner Virgilio Garcillano, Esperon and other officials in the Commission on Elections and the military.

The mutineers also dared Esperon to publish all documents related to the controversies, allow all witnesses to come forward, to have all proceedings televised, and not to invoke Executive Order 464, "state secret" and other "cowardly alibis."

EO 464 bans Cabinet and military officials from appearing in congressional hearings and investigations without clearance from Malacanang.

"Nakakahiya para sa isang warrior ang ganyan," (It is a shame for warriors to do that) the website said.

"Never before in the history of the Armed Forces of the Philippines has one man and his criminal gang brought so much shame to our beloved organization. Allegations that this man and a few criminal elements among the ranks of the AFP have allowed themselves to be used to subvert the Constitution and destroy the very essence of democracy have become our collective shame. Nay, it is our collective shame that
we failed to STOP them. The thought of this failure reaffirms our resolve to bring them to JUSTICE. That is our covenant with the people and our sworn duty to the Constitution, " it added.