Vice Gov Pinol seeks deportation of Korean national

In his letter addressed to BID Commissioner Marcelino C. Libanan, Pinol said that foreigners in the Philippines must learn to show respect to the people of their host country.

Pinol met BID officials in Manila Thursday.

"I believe that we, Filipinos, must protect our honor and dignity as a people and foreigners like Young Yong Yun who look down on Filipinos and treat us with utter disrespect even in our own homeland should be kicked out of the Philippines,” he told BID Commissioner Libanan.

Young was earlier accused by a Filipino golfer, Gary Santiago, of hitting a ball towards his direction and shouting at him during a game at the Davao City Golf Club on Nov. 9.

Confronted by Santiago, the Korean allegedly shouted at the Filipino golfer.

When Pinol, who was standing nearby admonished the foreigner not to shout at Filipinos, he too was shouted at by Young.

He later hit Young when the Korean poked a golf club at his face.

Young has filed slight physical injuries and slander by deed charges against Pinol. But the vice governor just shrugged off the charges saying, "I regret that I did not hit him hard enough."

"While Young's tourist visa will expire on Nov. 29, I believe that deporting him before the expiration of his visa would send a clear message to abusive foreigners in our country," he said.

BID Director Ben Lao of Davao City earlier told the Vice Governor's Office that he will immediately arrest and deport the South Korean as soon as he receives an order from Commissioner Libanan.  (MindaNews)