Bike lanes in Davao pushed

Councilor Leo Avila said he will revive the proposed ordinance creating bike lanes in the city’s major streets, adding that there is already a technical working group working on the draft.

Avila said that there are three possible ways of doing it — the “common use” lane, the “street with line” lane, and the more expensive “designated bike lanes.”

He said that of the three, the first two are more feasible.

The common use lane, he said, is a street where bicycles mingle with the motorized vehicles, but there will be speed limit for the road to be bike friendly. This will be applicable to narrow streets like the case of San Pedro, he said.

The street with line lane, Avila explained, are streets wherein a lane for the bikes’ use is painted with a line to separate it from the motorized vehicles.

He said that the technical working group will convene this month so the draft will already be forwarded to the council’s Committee on Energy and Transportation.

Avila pointed out that the bicycle is the means of transportation used mainly by laborers and workers. Thus, the bulk of bike traffic is usually in the mornings when the workers report for work, and late in the afternoon when they go home.

He promised that the ordinance will be finished within the year. (MindaNews)