Duterte goes on leave pending probe on “People’s Park” project

The COA has not set the date when it will start the probe but Duterte said he will go on a one-month leave starting tomorrow.

The mayor said he is hoping “everything will be finished” (referring to the People’s Park controversy) once the investigation is over.

He earlier vowed to resign if proven that there was overpricing even for just a measly P10, adding that for him, it was a “question of honor.”

The People’s Park issue was considered by some as the reason behind the Christmas eve killing of broadcaster Ferdinand Lintuan as he was openly criticizing the supposed overpricing of the materials used.

Duterte admitted he does not know the status of the Lintuan case because he has not asked for a copy of the police report yet. But he asked Davaoeños to stop speculating on Lintuan’s killing as it might muddle the investigation and delay further the resolution of the case.

“Let the police finish their investigation first,” Duterte said.

A suspect in Lintuan’s killing was arrested Dec. 29. Oliver Antok was identified by two of the three witnesses.

When asked to comment on the arrest, Duterte said he hoped Antok is the real killer. (MindaNews)