Duterte skips RPOC executive meetings

Chief Superintendent Andres Caro, head of the regional command of the National Police and at the same time the vice chair of the RPOC, said Duterte has not made himself conspicuous in the regular meetings of the RPOC.

"We still have not met with the mayor because we were not able to reach him," he said.

Caro told reporters here that Duterte seemed to have "deliberately made himself unreachable because he does not want to meet with the executive committee knowing that they will just want to convince him to reconsider his decision".

Caro himself did not hide his position to also appeal to the mayor to reconsider as his resignation would be a big loss to the council.

The governors who were eyed as candidates to replace Duterte were also hesitant to take the position Duterte has vacated.

The members of the RPOC met Tuesday to discuss "what to do after the mayor has resigned.” The meeting came up with a resolution asking President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to reappoint Duterte as the council chair,

They also passed a resolution appealing to Duterte to reconsider his earlier decision. (MindaNews)