Duterte urged to continue heading Reg’l Peace & Order Council

In fact, they unanimously approved a resolution today calling on the mayor to reconsider his “irrevocable” resignation, which he tendered on Jan. 7 through a letter to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

The 26 RPOC members gathered today in special meeting whose sole agenda was to discuss Duterte’s resignation.

Gov. Arthur Uy, of Compostela Valley, said the council should issue a manifesto to “strongly ask” Duterte to reconsider his resignation. He stressed that nobody yet is at par with the mayor’s ability to manage the region’s peace and order.

“I am not saying that the governors are not capable,” Uy said, but noted that nobody has yet the credentials that could match Duterte’s.

Gov. Douglas Cagas, of Davao del Sur, seconded Uy, saying that the Davao mayor leadership in the RPOC has become “indispensable.”

“[The mayor’s] personality, experience, and language evokes fear in the criminal elements and respect from peace loving citizens,” he said.
Cagas pointed out, too, that Duterte is well suited for the job because only his city has the resources to lead the RPOC. He said that the national government has never been there to help, so Duterte was always there, rushing to where trouble was, because Davao has enough resources.

The council members will apparently do anything to convince Duterte to take the top post again. They have even thought of asking Pastor Apollo Quibuloy, a popular preacher and close friend of the mayor, to help in convincing Duterte. Others suggested of sending children to appeal for the mayor to reconsider. (MindaNews)