Duterte’s son is newest city councilor

Duterte’s son, the chair of Barangay Catalunan Grande, was elected president of the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) on December 29. He won over former ABC president Amilbangsa Manding of Barangay 23-C, Wilmar Al-Ag of Barangay Poblacion Toril and Joji Jude Lumanog of Barangay Cabantian.

The ABC president automatically becomes a city councilor, as the barangays’ representative to the City Council.

Councilor Duterte took his oath of office Monday before Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio at the office of Mayor Duterte.

Councilor Duterte told reporters he still does not have a legislative agenda.

“As a father, I am happy,” Mayor Duterte after his son’s oath-taking. Councilor Duterte  reportedly ran for barangay captain without informing his father. But Mayor Duterte said he was not surprised because it is but natural for a son to want to be like his father.

But Mayor Duterte said that if he were to decide, he would rather that his son not enter politics.

The mayor dismissed criticisms on the Duterte political dynasty. "Paolo was selected by the people, ang iba nga diyan, pinapasok lang, akin elected." (the others just came in, my son was elected).

His advice to his son: “just work and work well." (MindaNews)