Kumander Bukay et al: a chronology of elusiveness

Oct. 14, 1979
CMLC appealed to Pres. Marcos and Justice Ricardo Puno to send a special prosecutor to cause a fair and speedy trial. Provincial Fiscal Jose Sarenas and his assistants inhibited themselves.
Minister Carmelo Barbero sent Col. A. Kagaoan to investigate the case. The CMLC was invited. Col. Wilfredo Cruz, Provincial Commander, presented Kumanders Bukay and Inday and Teresita Cancer, secretary to the two. Kumander Bukay showed the investigation panel a mission order from General Castro, CEMCOM Commander to operate anywhere in Mindanao (emphasis supplied, copy of mission order not included in file).

Oct. 24, 1979
Minister Juan Ponce Enrile issued ASSO*order to arrest Kumanders Inday and Bukay.
Deputy Minister Barbero confirmed ASSO order in a wire to Bishop Reginald Arliss.

Nov. 15, 1979
Gen. Carmelo Barbero together with several high ranking military officials arrived in General Santos City and met some members of the MCLC.
Kumanders Inday and Bukay were not in the meeting. They sent in their stead Teresita Cancer, their secretary, who informed Gen. Barbero and his group that the two were in Tulunan, No. Cotabato (emphasis ours).
Minister of Justice Ricardo Puno designated Tirso Velasco, Senior State Prosecutor to handle the case.

Nov. 20, 1980
Case was filed at CFI**. Judge Pedro Samson Animas presiding.

Dec. 18, 1980
Col. Mariano Miranda, Brigade Commander, informed the Court ASSO*** order had been complied, that Kumanders Inday and Bukay and his group were now under his custody at Buayan and that “anytime they are needed for trial, request that the corresponding subpoena be coursed thru this Headquarters so that we can present them before your court.”

March 27, 1981

Case is called for arraignment but defendants Leonarda (Kumander Inday) and Norberto Manero  were absent. Judge Animas reset the arraignment and directed Col. Miranda to “explain within three days from receipt hereof why defendants were not brought to Court.”

April 2, 1981
Col. Miranda acknowledges receipt of court order and replies: “Kindly be informed that defendants Leonarda Lacson Manero and Norberto Jr., have violated the terms of my custody over them. On 27 March, 1981, subject was treated by Dr. Banas for acute bronchitis at the Emergency Hospital where she was confined for about three days. Subject was discharged from the hospital on 30 March 1981 and brought to Buayan. In the evening of the same date, the two defendants escaped from their two escorts.”

April 27, 1981

A new warrant of arrest was issued and Judge Animas (now deceased) ordered the case to be archived until the defendants could be brought back to the jurisdiction of the court. (EC)

*MISSA is Mindanao-Sulu Secretariat for Social Action (MISSSA)
**CFI – Court of First Instance
*** ASSO – Arrest, Search and Seizure Order