Colleagues want justice for slain motorcab driver

At least a hundred motorcab drivers went on a convoy to bring Guzman to his final resting place three days after he was killed.

Mary Joy, 28, Guzman's widow, mother of three, said it's hard for the family to accept his death.
Guzman was stabbed to death by suspects Bonifacio Sabido, 42 and son Renato, 20, of Barangay Casisang at around 4 a.m. on February 3.  

Both suspects now share a cell at the Malaybalay City Jail on charges of murder.

SPO1 Raynier Jumawid, police investigator said the suspects were arrested five hours after the killing,  in a farmhouse in a sugarcane plantation.

Initial investigations showed the suspects were among Guzman's four passengers. The two other persons were the victim's regular passengers.  The Sabidos had just emerged from a drinking spree at the pub house where one of the passengers was a worker.

The Sabidos and Guzman's usual passengers, instructed Guzman to bring them to Upper Depot, Casisang west of  the poblacion.

Heated altercation reportedly ensued when the suspects insisted they be delivered to their residence, way beyond the unloading area.

The Sabidos were reportedly drunk. Reports also said they went to the cockpit before going to the pub.
Jumawid said there were already initial signs of minsunderstanding between the Sabidos and the driver outside the pub. It was possible the Sabidos bore grudges against Guzman, he said.

Jumawid said one of the suspects attempted to gain control of the motorcab while another hit the victim by the head with a beer bottle before they stabbed him to death using a bayonet. The two other passengers scampered for safety, he said.

Police reports noted that the victims sustained "multiple stab wounds." Guzman's relatives said he bore 26 wounds.

Cristobal Calva, president of Lakumoda (Landing-Kubayan Motorela Drivers Association)  said many drivers have stopped plying the route at night. He said they are also forced to subject passengers who hire them for out-of-poblacion destinations to police inspection.

Another driver said he would only pick up male passengers accompanied by a woman.

"If they are all men, it might be a risky trip," he said.

Teofilo Piodos Sr, another motorcab driver, said many drivers are now afraid but he assured passengers they are still ready to serve the public despite what happened.

Many motorcab operators take the road only at night as fewer "multicab" vehicles ply the city's streets. Starting 8 p.m. motorcabs ply the city's streets via a "pakyaw" scheme. operating like taxi cabs sans meter readers.
Negotiated rates start from a minimum of P20 up to P50 depending on the destination.
Guzman's last trip promised to earn him at least P30.

Guzman left behind children his wife and five children, aged five, three and a 10-month old baby and two other children form an earlier marriage.  (Walter I. Balane with reports from Mel B. Madera/MindaNews)