Lavina to NPA: “Apology not accepted”

For the councilor, “there is no excuse in killing an unarmed civilian” because he has no way of fighting back.

Besides, Laviña stressed, no matter what apology the NPA would do, they still could not bring back Ferrazini’s life. "This is what you get from playing God," he lamented.

The NPA, in a public apology issued Monday, said that Ferrazini’s killing was a “highly regrettable occurrence.”

The NPA statement said their own internal investigation concluded that “the grounds on which a lower unit command of New People's Army based their decision to mete out the particular action taken against Vicente Ferrazini are insufficient to warrant the maximum penalty of death.”

But while the NPA apologized for the misdeed, they likewise praised themselves by saying that “public admission of fault is a hallmark of the principled standpoint, viewpoint and method of the revolutionary movement.” They said it was “sharply in contrast to the terrible record of fraud and fabrication, deceitfulness and deception of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).”

Laviña, however, reminded the NPA not to compare themselves to the Armed Forces and the police because the communist rebels are operating outside the law.

The councilor, too, advised the NPA to take the blame as an organization and not just blame the “lower unit.” Crimes like the Ferrazini killing, he stressed, cause the NPA to lose support from the masses they swear to protect. (MindaNews)