Muslim women told to be entrepreneurial

Tama said couples should find means to increase their income to cope with the unabated increase of  prices of prime commodities.

“As their husbands work, jobless housewives can engage in selling barbecue, fried banana, or viands in viable locations in their barangays,” she said.
Tama said that aside from food and electricity, the cost of sending children to school is getting high. “Getting at least P100 additional income in a day is a big help,” she explained.
She stressed that to help members and non-members of MOWUGEN, the group focuses on skills development to teach women to become entrepreneurs. Thus, she said, Muslim women will no longer be criticized as non-productive and contended in staying at home.
Tama said she understands that in Islam, earning for a living is the husband’s obligation. “but the current crisis requires that wives must also help.”

But she stressed that the economic activities where housewives are engaged in should be Halal (permissible).
“We can have training on food processing such as by-products of tuna, beef, chicken, and even rice-based delicacies,” she said.

Tama added that their organization’s primary objectives are to unite the Muslim women in GenSan, engage in skills development for their economic upliftment, and be the catalyst in bringing the Muslim women into the mainstream of society.
“Within our 12 years of operation, we have conducted some trainings and seminars in food production. We will double our efforts now to serve more,” she said.
MUWOGEN has more than 150 members in the city. They are also active in peace-building activities.
Tama has also reached out to Moro women inmates in the city jail to educate them about moral values in Islam.
She said they have identified other entities such as the City Social Welfare and Development and the local government of General Santos that can help them in their endeavor.
“Resources are within reach. It is up to us if we will get and make use of these,” she pointed out.
“Escaping from the bondage of poverty requires efforts, patience and determination,” Tama stressed. ”Who can help us Muslims if not we Muslims ourselves?” she asked.
“Whatever we do, it’s for the pleasure of Allah,” Tama said. (Gandhi C. Kinjiyo / MindaNews)