North Cot has best police stations

The provincial PNP in North Cotabato was also awarded the best provincial PNP station in the region.
Chief Inspector Leo Ajero, city police director, said that despite the many issues and problems they faced last year, they still stood out among the other PNP stations in the region.

At least four explosions rocked this city last year, killing two persons and injuring at least 40 others.

But the police here, led by Ajero, arrested two suspected bombers believed to be behind the KMCC mall blast, almost an hour after the explosion on Nov 22 last year. They also filed several charges against those behind the bombings in the city, including leaders of the extortion group, Al Khobar.

The city police also scored a number of arrests of suspected drug couriers and uprooted more than a hundred marijuana hills last year, according to Ajero.

“We can never achieve this award without the support of the community,” said Ajero.
This was the second award the PNP station received since 2004.

Mayor Rodolfo Gantuangco has extended his congratulations to the Kidapawan City PNP for the award.

He said he appreciated the honor given to the local PNP despite the many issues, “which weaken the city’s peace and order situation.”
Both Gantuangco and Ajero were recipients of criticisms from several sectors for depositing sums of money to Al Khobar.
“Little they did know that the money was used as basis for filing charges against those involved in the extortion,” the mayor said. (MindaNews)