Public schools reminded: do not collect graduation fees

The DepEd also said “no extravagant special attire or extraordinary venue for the ceremonies should be required.”

Susana Teresa Estigoy DepEd XI, said in her memorandum that "in consonance with the government's austerity program and to ensure that all graduating students in the elementary and secondary levels to be able to participate in the graduation rites… this office reiterates the Department's policy on the conduct and collection of graduation fees and the production of yearbooks."

Estigoy also clarified that contributions for the yearbooks “shall likewise be on a voluntary basis, hence, no quota or amount of ad solicitation shall be imposed on parents and students.”

"In line with this, DepEd officials should not grant requests for their message for printing in the yearbook unless documents to prove that production of these yearbooks were approved by the parents and that contributions for its production are on voluntary basis,” the memo states.

The PTA, however, can solicit "voluntary and reasonable contributions from their members for graduation ceremonies and celebrations."

Teachers and principals are also warned from being involved in the collection of contributions of the PTA.

Estigoy stressed that “failure to give any contribution should not bar the students from graduating or from attending the graduation rites.” (MindaNews)