2 cops hurt in shooout

Wounded were Sr. Insp. Willy Kasuyo, spokesperson of Cotabato City police director Chief Supt. Willie Dangane, and Police Officer 1 Maulidin Adzar, also assigned at the Cotabato City PNP.

Of the two, Kasuyo was seriously hit in his right thigh and was being treated at the Cotabato Regional and Medical Center here.

Reports said that Kasuyo spotted Adzar, who was then wearing civilian clothes, and asked him why he was carrying a gun, which was tucked in his waist.

Kasuyo, in an interview, admitted he did not personally know Adzar.

When Adzar was about to hand his gun to Kasuyo, it accidentally went off and  it the police officer on his right thigh. Believing that Adzar intentionally shot him, Kasuyo pulled his gun and shot Adzar, who also returned fire and escaped, leaving behind his motorcycle.

Kasuyo said he was forced to shoot Adzar when he was hit. "I politely asked his identity, why he has a gun. He pulled out his gun and there was a shot," said Kasuyo.

Residents and bystanders scampered for safety.

Dangane ordered a manhunt for Adzar who immediately voluntarily surrendered to him with his .45 caliber Para-Ordnance pistol. (MindaNews)