Instead of joining street protests, they go school-hopping to discuss NBN-ZTE

The school-hopping started Friday and  will continue until next week, according to Ruby Padilla-Sison, one of the conveners of the group.
The group is also joining nationwide calls for the ouster of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

In Cotabato City, thousands of members of the Jesus is Lord Movement, together with the militant Suara Bangsamoro and the Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society and some workers of the Catholic church, joined the interfaith rally for truth at the city plaza last Friday.
The groups convened at the plaza at around 4 pm in their quest for truth, justice, accountability and meaningful reforms in governance amid the deteriorating political crisis triggered by the $329-million ZTE-NBN scam.
As symbol of their search for seeking the truth, they lighted thousands of candles around the city plaza.

Danny Vergara, resident pastor of JIL-Cotabato City, depicted the interfaith prayer assembly as “a dignified gathering of groups, sectors and individuals who are resolute to grasp the genuine truth of the overpriced ZTE-NBN deal and make all those involved, including President Arroyo, accountable for their abuses and callousness.”
Amira Lidasan, national president of Suara, said the movement calling for Arroyo’s resignation or ouster is mounting and has been intensified as the political crisis drags on, stressing that Arroyo has a lot to answer including the all out war policies against Moro People, extra-judicial killings, the ‘Hello, Garci scandal’, electoral fraud and numerous cases of multi-billion peso graft and corruption involving her family and cronies.’

 “The pathetic statement of CBCP could not give GMA (Pres. Arroyo) some relief. Cries of people from all walks of life are intense. She has escaped judgment in the past, but people now will decisively say, ‘Enough of Corruption, Enough of GMA!’ Lidasan said.

The groups pointed out that they will stage a series of activities including street education, sinehang bayan (film viewing) and concert for truth to inform the people on the present political situation.  (MindaNews)