Police nabs American in Tagum for non-payment of hotel bills

Police report said the suspect, identified as Leonard Beasley, of Orlando, Florida was arrested inside the hotel in Mirafuentes district here at around 6 p.m. on Friday, April 11 after a hotel desk officer called for police assistance.
Beasley is now temporarily detained at the city’ police detention.
The hotel’s desk officer , who requested not to be named,  said a drunken Beasley went “wild” and  quarreled with other guests at the hotel’s lobby. The officer said the suspect together with his Filipina wife, Vicky, had been staying at the hotel since April 5 and wanted to check out on April 11. But he could not settle his P7,000 bill.

She said Beasley refused to turn over the room’s key and started to “act wildly” after a  hotel guard refused to let him go.

Beasley, however, told reporters that he does not know what charges he is facing. He said  “they (police) arrested me but they don’t want to listen my story.  

Hotel owner Reynaldo Perez said he had already given Beasley a grace period within which to settle his account after the American promised to pay. He added that he also agreed to extend his stay in the hotel until his wife arrives from Mangagoy in Bislig City to settle their bill. (Alden Pantaleon/MindaNews)