Poor folk selling their kidneys despite gov’t ban

In this town, for example, sources said some 30 residents were looking forward to selling their kidneys to foreign recipients.

In Bagontapay village alone ten individuals have sold their kidneys. Among those who admitted having sold their organs to foreigners for P200,000 each are Vilma Maghari and Renelyn Juanitas of barangay Bagontapay.

“Damo pa kami upod nga interesado man magbaligya sang ila nga kidney,” (We have many other companions here who are interested to sell their kidney) the duo told this reporter.
Most of these residents are poor and depend on farming for survival. Maghari and Juanitas said poverty is the main reason for the rampant selling of kidneys in Bagontapay.

There are reports that in other villages of Mlang there were also residents that had their kidneys removed for a fee.

The local government of Mlang has already strengthened its education dissemination campaign regarding the bad effects of having only one kidney in order to combat this scenario.

But Mayor Joselito Piñol conceded they could not control those who wanted to sell their organs.
“Ours is just appealing to them not to do it. But our government is doing everything to prevent them in selling kidneys,” Piñol stressed.

The Catholic Church in North Cotabato has not issued a pastoral letter regarding the issue.

Recently Cable News Network (CNN) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) revealed that selling of kidneys was rampant in the Philippines.

CNN reports also cited that aside from the Philippines, China and other poor countries like Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar have become kidney suppliers to the rich countries.

The Philippines, Brazil, Colombia and India are the most known suppliers of kidneys. The United Arab Emirates has been sending their citizens to the Philippines to avail of kidney transplant operations.

A World Health Organization (WHO) report revealed that kidney failure is prevalent in rich countries due to the scarcity of donors there. (MindaNews)