Wait for SP reso before adding a peso more for trike fare

The order came following complaints from commuters that there are tricycle drivers who collect P7 even if the proposed fare increase is still pending before the Sangguniang Panlungsod.

KITA president Victorino Carbonell said sanctions will be imposed on tricycle drivers and operators collecting that amount.

Carbonell urged commuters to report to their office or even to the traffic management unit any illegal collections by their abusive members.

“We will teach them a lesson. We will be imposing fine of P1,000 or suspend any erring tricycle drivers,” Carbonell said.

The tricycle’s association has asked the additional one-peso fare increase following the series of oil price increases.

Carbonell said in April alone giant gasoline stations here have increased their pump prices thrice. As of today, special gasoline in Kidapawan City has reached P50.10 per litter.

SP transportation chair city councilor Joseph Evangelista said the KITA petition is now on ifs final review.

“We understand the plight of our tricycle operators and drivers. We also appeal to them to await the approval of your petition, and please do not collect additional fare from the commuters,” he said.

The Sangguniang Panlungsod is set to approve the petition in May. (MindaNews)