Marawi City lists 14 cases of summary executions

The list was shown to MindaNews Friday.

Ardo said he expressed concern over pattern of killings in Marawi city even as the Army was also being blamed by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) “of creating its own version of death squad".

The MILF's web-based publication earlier cited a case of  an MILF member named Cosain Arba, who it said "was forcibly taken from his house last February 9 and was found dead and dumped near Marawi city's GMA Public Terminal”.

Arba bore torture marks, the MILF said.

Abdullah Lacs Dalidig, head of the nongovernment organization, Multisectoral Muslim Movement for Peace and Development (MMMPD), said Arba was an identified member of MILF.

Luwaran said Arba was a member of the 102nd base Command under Commader Abdurahman Macapaar aka Bravo, the subject of an intensive government manhunt for the bloody attack  in two coastal municipalities of Lanao del Norte last year. 

The victim resided in Piagapo in Lanao del Sur, where soldiers also suspected that Bravo was hiding in one of its remote sitios, in Gurain. The MILF, in its website, said Arba was killed by government soldiers.

"Even as if he was a suspected as member of the MILF, he should not be subjcted to torture and death. This is still a violation of human rights," Dalidig said.

The MILF posting said "the Philippine military does not observe human rights, which the Philippine Constitution upholds. This is an irony given the fact that the Philippine military ostensibly claims to be fighting the MILF and the CPP-NDF-NPA to preserve the sanctity of the constitution. "

Col. Ardo belied the accusation and said that "summary executions in Marawi aren't done by soldiers."

"Just very recently, a  dead person was also (left) at the foot of our camp that's why we noted how crime rate here has risen," he said.

“It's for this reason why the peace and order council of Marawi met to lay down policies on how to this curb crime rate,” Ardo said. 

"The peace and order policy of Davao city can be followed here, excluding that issue on death squad," he quickly said.

Ardo said that multi-sectoral members of the council, including the local police, “agreed that we will all dismantle or disallow illegal possession of firearms.”

"The security forces of MSU [Mindanao State University] should not be allowed to roam in Marawi with firearms and those traffic enforcers should not also carry high-powered firearms," he added. He said that the proliferation of firearms “is one of the causes why crime rate here went up. (Violeta M. Gloria / MindaNews)