Civilians flee Munai, Madalum again

Adona Orquillas, executive director of Ranaw Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Action Center (RDRRAC) told MindaNew they will revisit the evacuation centers in Munai town to document their situation..

"It’s disheartening to note that our early recovery program for the evacuees after the August 18 attack will be thrown to waste because conflict hasn't come to its final end yet," Orquillas commented.

Orquillas said two MILF members were reported killed while one soldier was wounded.

Lt. Col. Juvymax Uy, commanding officer of 43rd Infantry Battalion, told MindaNews "my soldier was wounded. He was hit on the butt after saving a farmer.

Uy said he asked municipal officials of Munai and Madalum towns to recover the bodies of slain rebels in  the forested area which was heavily bombarded.

Uy added that the actual site bombarded is far from civilian communities.

Major Efren Morados, executive office of  the 104rth Infantry Brigade explained that "it’s our mission to destroy all armed and political structures  of rebels in Lanao to fully establish a physically and psychologically secure environment conducive to growth and development."

Morados said the MILF group under the command of Abdullah Macapaar alias Bravo is seeking refuge at the foothills of Mt. Gurain.

"They have splintered into smaller groups and shifted to guerilla type of warfare. They have been flushed out of their traditional lairs. We denied them their mass base support and influence and decimated their capability and ammunition," said Morados. (Violeta M. Gloria/MindaNews)