Practice healthy lifestyles, residents urged

He said residents should make sure the food they consume is always clean and prepared or stored in the right temperature to avoid possible food contamination.

“Always practice proper sanitation. There’s no other effective way to maintain a good health than practicing a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

As the summer heat continues, Sandig said residents should watch out for contagious diseases such as sore eyes, chicken pox and other skin-related illnesses.

He said they have monitored initial cases of these diseases but he pointed out that they were considered minimal at this time.

“We also received reports of dengue fever and other viral diseases but the number is not very significant when compared to our data from the previous years,” he said.

The Department of Health (DOH) had earlier warned of the emergence of contagious viral diseases such as sore eyes and chicken pox that usually spread easily during summer.

It also warned of common diseases like diarrhea and skin ailments such as rashes and prickly heat.

In urban centers, the DOH said they were closely watching possible cases of water-borne diseases due to some contaminated pipes and low water pressure during summer.

It warned of possible effects of improper food preparation and exposure to extreme heat that may stimulate food-spoiling bacteria to spread faster such as salmonella and the staphylococcus. (Allen V. Estabillo/MindaNews)