Second ICRC worker freed

“Mr.  Notter  is  being looked after by colleagues from the ICRC. He is safe, well  and  happy  that  he  will soon be back with his family. However, his thoughts  are with Eugenio Vagni, with whom he shared the kidnapping ordeal and who is not yet free,” the ICRC said in a press statement.

The ICRC said it received information about Notter’s release at 8 a.m.

“We  are,  of  course,  very relieved that Andreas will soon be back in the arms  of  his  loved  ones,”  said  Alain  Aeschlimann,  the ICRC's head of operations  for  East Asia, South-East Asia and the Pacific. “But we remain very concerned  about Eugenio’s safety and we call on the abductors to let him go safely, immediately and unconditionally.”

Aeschlimann said the ICRC “appreciated all genuine efforts that had been made by national and local authorities.”

Vagni, an Italian national, Notter and Lacaba were kidnapped  just as they left the Provincial jail in Sulu, where they were working on a water and sanitation project. (MindaNews)