LETTER: On ‘murdered’ birds

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that HPAI is transmitted by psittacines (parrots). A documented case has never been presented to my knowledge. Smuggled Indonesian Cockatoos have been intercepted on Chinese airliners, tested and killed. The test results then revealed the fact that none of the birds were infected. China tests now.

Quarantine and testing, which is readily available now, works and is expedient. Instead of the two month “surveillance”, why were the birds not confiscated, isolated and tested?

This group of birds, murdered at the hands of inept government officials, contained some rare and endangered species, never mind that parrots have high levels of intelligence and emotional components. This is a travesty that will be heard around the world. Your officials are proud; they should not be. They need to join the mainstream efforts to protect our wildlife and endangered species while there is still something to protect.

Please ensure that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) knows of the international concern. We would all appreciate hearing a justification for their actions.

Charlie King