I hate all of them. Kung Fu Kids — that's child labor, which I am totally against, even in showbiz, and the fact that these kids possess crime-fighting powers is crazy, and the storylines are totally used, abused, and fake.

Lobo, well, it's corny! I mean, they're pushing the whole Piolo-Angel loveteam and that makes me sick to my stomach. When will the Filipino industry stop using loveteams to get the interest of people? Can't they be seen for what they are, as actors and actresses, and not as one-half of a loveteam? Piolo's sex appeal is dated (for me it is) and Angel isn't even that pretty — just gifted with huge breasts and a little bit of acting talent.

Palos is insulting, really. None of them speak Italian, and yet they all have Italian names like Giancarlo and Fabio and Giuseppe and Mario and Luigi (I am totally serious). Even the Philippine president has an Italian name — Donatello! I cringe as I hear that name, because it makes me think of long, platinum blonde hair, fake tans, extremely tight dresses, and the name Versace.

Lovers doesn't even make sense. Out of all of them, this is the most un-annoying (and the fact that "Pasubali" by Sponge Cola is their theme song makes me tune in, if only just to hear that song), but really — Korean mafia out to kill the head of other Korean mafia, I've heard that all before.

Can't they think of anything original? Seriously? ANY of them? The only thing worth watching is PBB Teen Plus, 'cuz of all the hot guys (Ejay! Josef! Robi!) and the tension between Nicole and Josef. The kilig cannot be faked.

Most of all, during summer, I cannot stop eating since my yaya always makes sure to shove food down my throat, even if unintentional, and the brooding doesn't help, because brooding makes me eat more … and my Lola's always here, and she tends to comment on my weight gain a whole lot, and Mom's been losing all this weight, making her weight less than me, and when I go out, people always assume that I eat a lot and always bring around extra food for me!

I thought Christmas season was bad. Food is my constant weakness — it's like an addiction (maybe it is). Problems with Mom? I eat. Problems with Dad? I eat. Problems with the rest of the family? I eat. Problems with school? I eat. Problems with friends? I eat.

My yaya makes it worse by creating servings fit for eight people when there are only three (I count my Mom and Lola's appetite as one person's) and the same food gets served for dinner … the following day. Fruits are always around, because they're all what my Mom ever eats nowadays.

When I try to eat less, people notice, and they assume that I'm dieting. I say "I don't diet", but I do want to control my eating. Because I cannot STOP.

Even when I'm full, I eat. It's that bad. Is there a rehab for food addiction? I need to go to one. I've never been obese, but I've always been around 15 pounds above normal. Then again my built isn't for thin people so a little weight is fine, but even then…

I can't even go out. For summer, it's raining a lot more than I thought it would, and my Mom is under chemo. So I feel like I'm in juvenile detention (not like I'm blaming my Mom or anything).

I also hate sports, I loathe sports. When I do find sports that I like, I'm either sucky at them, or I turn out good at it, but then I get traumatized. I was hit six times by a volleyball (four times in the head, twice in the gut), thrice by a basketball (all on the head) and twice by a soccer ball (on my legs, and I end up tripping).

I don't even like to dance. Mom's trying to make me do it, but I don't like jazz, ballroom is too … slow, hip-hop is too racy, and I've been forced to do folk dancing, but I just don't like it.

Am I hopeless? Can I be saved? Or will I end up looking like Aretha Franklin at the Grammy's?

[Batang MindaNaw is MindaNews’ voice of the youth corner. Kristelle Alina Rizardo Omar, 13, will be attending second year high school at the Ateneo de Davao University. She hopes to be the first female Tausug justice in the Supreme Court.]