UP Manila holds health communication training in Mindanao

"Health workers and patients are culture-bearers; one, of scientific culture and the other, of family and community culture/s. They come from different perspectives: health/medical workers come from an objective position but patients come from a subjective, or emotional perspective. These explain the communication gaps that need to be addressed" said Dr. Lilian A. de las Llagas, a U.P. Manila public health professor and the coordinator of the project.

"Those in the health professions need to learn 'patient-speak' so that shared meanings are created. Communicating effectively to the different publics is an essential component of becoming a health professional. Bridging the two perspectives and cultures through health communication is a challenge that we are taking initially through this training," de las Llagas added. 

The three-day training course will combine active short lectures, case studies, workshops, role plays, and plenary discussions.

Training topics include "Defining communication," "Transmission and ritual views of communication," "Elements and processes of communication," Selected contextual models and theories – intrapersonal and interpersonal," "Multi-dimensionality of health," "Cultural and intercultural contexts: Health in the Philippine community / cultural settings," "Audience segmentation," "Health communication strategies," "Patient-doctor interaction," "Designing a health communication strategy for intended publics," "Effective health communication: in action," and "Basics of effective patient education."

Joining Dr. de las Llagas as resource speakers are Prof. Buenalyn Teresita M. Ramos, a U.P. Manila risk communication expert, and Dr. Aleli A. Quirante, a U.P. Diliman health communication specialist.

For details, please contact Akbay Kalusugan at 293-0146. (Akbay Kalusugan)