Kidapawan City hospital celebrates first year

Kidapawan City hospital, operated by the city government, has been providing the much-needed health services in the downtown area, along the national highway.

“We are serving primarily poor residents of  this city,” hospital chief Muhammad Ali, a surgeon, said.

As it was celebrating its anniversary program last Wednesay, Dr. Ali and his team had to leave to attend to two emergency situations: a pregnant woman who suffered head injuries when hit by a motorcycle en route to a mall, and to a year-old child suffering from convulsion.

A few minutes later, Dr. Ali declared both patients, and the baby in the womb, out of danger.

Since 2007, the hospital has treated 1,376 admitted patients and 6,624 outpatients; has performed 276 surgical operations and delivered 133 babies.

Of the number, only 101 patients were referred to tertiary hospitals.

“Our theme this year is, ‘Serving the people of Kidapawan at its best.’   It reminds us of our duty to our people — to treat every patient in whatever way possible,” said Dr. Ali.

When the plan to build a city hospital was broached by City Mayor Rodolfo Gantuangco in 2005,  it was heavily criticized.

He, however, pursued the plan and completed the construction in late 2006 and few months later, the operations started.

“We want to keep our promise to the people to establish a hospital in Kidapawan, so, we have to implement it for the benefit of our poor people who cannot avail of the medical services of private hospitals,” he said during the anniversary celebration of the hospital.  (MindaNews)