BayanMuna still in top spot despite pressures

Of 93, only 17 party-list groups have met the minimum 2% rule for representation in the House of Representatives, led by Bayan Muna and only one Mindanao-based party-list group, Anak Mindanao, made it to the 17.

The SWS’ May 2-4, 2007 survey showed Bayan Muna earning 8.4% votes; Akbayan with 8.2%; Butil (Luzon Farmers Party) getting 4.9%; Buhay (Buhay Hayaan Yumabong) with 4.2%;  Gabriela with 3.9%; A Teacher (Advocacy for Teacher Empowerment Through Action, Cooperation and Harmony Towards Educational Reforms, Inc.) with with 3.6%, Ahon (Ahon Pinoy) with 3.5%; Cibac (Citizens Battle Against Corruption); Aangat Tayo (AT) with 3.0%; Agap (Agricultural Sectoral Alliance of the Philippines, Inc.) with 2.7%; Anakpawis with 2.7%; Ahonbayan with 2.6%; Coop-Natco with 2.3%, Abakada (Abakada Guro) with 2.2%, Kabataan with 2.1%, Amin (Anak Mindanao) with 2.1% and Kakusa with 2.0%.

In Mindanao the top ten party-list groups are Anak Mindanao (Amin) with 10.5% of the votes, Kakusa (Kapatiran ng mga Nakakaulong na Walang Sala, Inc) with 7.8%, Cocofed got 7.6%, Suara Bangsamoro earned 7.4%, Akbayan (5.9%), Kalahi (Kalahi Advocates for Overseas Filipinos) with 5.2%,  Asahan Mo (Advocates for Special Children and the Handicapped Movement) with 3.9%, Assalam Bangsamoro People’s Party (3.8%), Aangat Tayo (3.4%) and Coop-Natco (3.2%).

Of the top ten in Mindanao, only Amin made it to the list of 17 nationwide. The nine other groups which topped in Mindanao did not perform well in Luzon and the Visayas. 

The party-list groups Akbayan, Gabriela and Ahon met the 2% threshold across all areas nationwide while Bayan Muna and Kabataan “satisfied the 2%-rule across all areas except in Mindanao where Bayan Muna got only 1.7% and Kabataan had 0%.

In a press statement, SWS said the May 2-4 survey found that “53.0% of the national sample of registered voters chose a party-list representative from the official Comelec list.

Nine of the 17 that met the 2% rule begin with letter “A” while three groups start with “B.”
Party-list groups are allowed one seat per 2% share in the total votes cast for party-list, “or at least 480,000 votes,” subject to another rule that a group can have a maximum of only three seats, the SWS said.

“Just below the threshold but within statistical reach are Abanse!Pinay (1.9%), Cocofed (1.8%), Abono (1.7%), Asahan Mo (1.5%), Alagad (1.5%), VFP (1.5%), 1-UTAK (1.5%), Suara Bangsamoro (1.5%), ABA-AKO (1.4%), Almana (1.3%), APEC (1.3%), Anak (1.2%), Apoi (1.1%), Batas (1.0%), and Assalam (1.0%).