Davao City final count: 7-3-2 for GO

A recount of the votes, however, cut the number of opposition bets in the Top 12 from eight to seven and gave the administration’s Team Unity ticket one more slot in the winning circle.

The recount was triggered by the discovery of tally discrepancies. (See?related story)

Based on the final and "rectified" results released by the Board of Canvassers Saturday, Sorsogon Rep. Francis Escudero topped the local tally with 268,350 votes.

The three administration bets in the top 12 are Bukidnon Rep. Juan Miguel Zubiri, and Senators Joker Arroyo and Edgardo Angara.

Senator Ralph Recto, who ranked 5th based on results released as of May 21, went down to 14th place after deducted of 84,036 votes which actually belonged to GO bet Aquilino Pimentel III.

The results as of May 21 (before discrepancies were reported):

Francis Escudero 268, 223

Loren Legarda 252, 381

Benigno Aquino III 246, 872

Panfilo Lacson 246, 589

Ralph Recto 227, 590

Francis Pangilinan 219, 777

Aquilino Pimentel III 217, 657

Gregorio Honasan 208, 910

Juan Miguel Zubiri 201, 329

Manuel Villar, Jr. 200, 696

Alan Peter Cayetano 191, 290

Antonio Trillanes IV 176, 354

Joker Arroyo 176, 042

Edgardo Angara 173, 412

Michael Defensor 141, 406

Final and "rectified results as of May 26:

Francis Escudero 268, 350

Loren Legarda 252, 381

Panfilo Lacson 246, 354

Benigno Aquino III 246, 121

Francis Pangilinan 218, 579

Aquilino Pimentel III 217, 854

Gregorio Honasan 209, 266

Juan Miguel Zubiri 201, 129

Manuel Villar, Jr. 200, 819

Alan Peter Cayetano 191, 373

Joker Arroyo 176, 133

Edgardo Angara 173, 412

Antonio Trillanes IV 173, 143

Ralph Recto 143, 558

Michael Defensor 140, 971

Seven candidates in the top 15 lost votes in the recount including Aquino?(GO), Lacson (GO), Recto (TU), Pangilinan (Ind), Zubiri (TU), Trillanes (GO) and Defensor (TU).

Those who gained in the recount included Escudero (GO), Pimentel (GO),

Honasan (Ind), Villar (GO), Cayetano (GO), and Arroyo (TU).

The recount did not affect the votes for Legarda and Angara. 

The final results strayed a little from the Namfrel count, which was based on 84.7 percent of the election returns. Trillanes entered the top 12 in Namfrel’s count, while Angara made it in the Comelec’s.

Meanwhile, according to the final results, the top 10 party list groups are:

Kalahi 40,204

Bayan Muna 25,795

Gabriela 18, 707

Coop Natco 12, 975

Bahandi 10, 072

A Teacher 9,562

Anak Pawis 8,896

ABS 8, 431

Akbayan 6, 401

Agham 5, 932

Peñas told reporters the results will be inputted in the Certificates of Canvass attaching the Statement of Votes and will be brought to Manila Sunday for the national canvassing. (Walter I. Balane/MindaNews)