It?s 8-2-2 in Davao City in favor of GO

Two independent candidates and two others from TU completed the winning circle here for the senatorial contest.

Two candidates from Mindanao, lawyer Aquilino Pimentel III (GO) and Bukidnon Rep. Juan Miguel Zubiri (TU) are among the top 12.

Namfrel stopped the count Saturday with 3,038 election returns canvassed out of the 2, 585 precincts.

The result of the voting for senators, which showed a pro-opposition sentiment, stood in contrast to the overwhelming support for Duterte and his local slate.

Duterte said he did his job in campaigning for TU "but they (administration party) know it's going to be hard to get that (12-0) here".

He mentioned a remote barangay that voted 12-0 in favor of TU, adding he will reward it with more projects as promised.

He said House Majority Leader Prospero Nograles is to blame for the TU's poor performance in Davao, claiming the congressman did not keep his word to support the campaign.

The mayor told reporters Nograles spent most of his resources campaigning for Kalahi, the party-list where his lawyer-son was a nominee.

In a newspaper report Saturday, Nograles said he would have joined the TU and Hugpong campaign sorties if not for the death threats against him.

Duterte and Nograles agreed that the former would take charge of the local candidates and the latter of the national candidates.

The Top 12 senatorial candidates in Davao City (Based on Namfrel partial and unofficial results covering 84.7 percent of Davao City's 3,585 precincts)

Escudero, Francis – 235, 445 (GO)

Legarda, Legarda – 222, 681 (GO)

Aquino, Benigno III – 218, 929 (GO)

Lacson, Panfilo – 218, 083 (GO)

Pangilinan, Francis – 192, 138 (IND)

Pimentel, Aquilino III – 191, 418 (GO)

Honasan, Gregorio – 182, 226 (IND)

Villar, Manny – 178, 024 (GO)

Zubiri, Juan Miguel – 174, 297 (TU)

Cayetano, Alan – 169, 577 (GO)

Arroyo, Joker – 157, 555 (TU)

Trillanes, Antonio IV – 153, 661 (GO)