STATEMENT: Koko Pimentel on the Sumisip count

At today’s canvassing by the Basilan Provincial Board of Canvassers, the same lawyer was shocked to hear my votes increased to 11,418 and Zubiri’s increased to 21,170 – giving Zubiri a net vote lead of 9,752 votes.

The total number of votes in Sumisip, Basilan is 24,740 with 22,947 voters actually voting. Zubiri’s new total gives him a conversion rate of 92.26% which is once again “statistically improbable”.

I denounce the illegal padding of votes happening right now at the canvassing of votes by the Basilan Provincial Board of Canvassers. I am going to file criminal charges against those involved in these dagdag-bawas operations including those who gifted me with padded votes – I don’t need them, I don’t want them.

I want to win as Senator fairly and squarely, with only the people’s true votes carrying me to victory!