Garci concedes

Garcillano was implicated in the “Hello, Garci” scandal, an alleged conspiracy that enabled President Arroyo to win in the 2004 presidential election. The scandal was triggered by the discovery of the supposed telephone conversations between Garcillano and the president at the height of the canvassing of votes created still unresolved questions on her legitimacy.

Garcillano had declared his main purpose in running was to prove he would never resort to cheating just to win.

The former election official claimed his opponents resorted to black propaganda like distributing bills bearing his face shortly before Election Day.

Acosta is the younger sister of 3-term Rep. Nereus Acosta, who ran for governor in this election against the incumbent, Gov. Jose Ma. R Zubiri Jr.

Initial results from all over the province showed Zubiri leading Acosta by huge margins.

The governor’s son, Jose Zubiri III, is also poised to win via landslide the congressional seat for the 3rd district, the post currently held by his brother and
Team Unity senatorial candidate Juan Miguel Zubiri.