Bishop to voters: heal the land, choose the right candidates

In his pastoral exhortation, Quevedo said that since 1946, Filipinos have always been on a political road full of promises that have never been fulfilled.

The archbishop said that the political road is actually paved with corruption and dishonesty. He pointed out that the use of power for the interest of self and family, misdirected economic development, division and conflict are all results of choosing the wrong leaders.

“It is true that much of this ‘curse’ is due to our political leaders. But we have to realize that much of it is also due to the way we have voted. We need to change the way we vote,” he said.

Quevedo also suggested some essential moral criteria in choosing a leader on May 14.

He said the voters should choose persons who will fight corruption, dishonesty and other forms of immorality in government; promote peace and justice to avoid violence, actively care for the environment; promote the common good particularly the good of the poor and the needy, and persons who are competent in the positions they aspire for.

“Rely on the above criteria and not on the popularity and name of the candidates. Examine the qualifications of each candidate before writing their names in your ballots. In this way you will help heal our country,” he said.