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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Urgent call to the national government

We are a small Mindanao-based NGO trying to give our humble share in response to the devastation brought by Typhoon Pablo. We have decided...

LETTER: Marianeth’s fate: a crude wake-up call

Eleven year olds used to just play “Chinese garters” or “patintero” on the street, otherwise, they are at home doing their homework, watching TV, or simply doing what a normal 11-year old should be doing.

LETTER: Sumilao farmers are in need of social justice

We appreciate Joey Gabieta’s article on page 14 of the Philippine Daily Inquirer on 2 November 2007.  The article focused on the ancestral claims of the Higaonon marchers from Sumilao, the pains of their form of struggle, and the tremendous help of support groups in Eastern Visayas such as Palo Archbishop Jose Palma.

LETTER: No to onerous loans, no to water privatization!

31 October 2007

As an advocate of water for the people and environment, I am always monitoring updates on the issue of imminent threat of privatization and commodification of freshwater resources of Davao City, particularly the plan of the Board of Directors and Management of Davao City Water District (DCWD) to avail a PhP 126-million loan from the Local Water Utility Administration (LWUA) or any local and international financial institutions. 

LETTER: On ‘murdered’ birds

This is in reference to the immolation of 267 Indonesian parrots and birds on 10 July. The article I read stated that government officials were proud of their actions in keeping the Philippines free of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza. I would find very little to be proud of in the burning of helpless, suffering animals when scientific evidence would support the fact that it was all unnecessary

Correction from Ateneo

I would like to correct a fact in the article (“Students protest enslavement of education system to private school owners” written by the National...

On the death of Atty. Solema Jubilan

Attorney Solema Jubilan is worldwide known as a courageous and effective human rights defender. Her death - accidental or not - is...