In the Neighborhood by Ayesah Abubakar

In the Neighborhood by Ayesah Abubakar

IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Remembering the peace worker named Badrodin. By Ayesah Abubakar

PENANG, Malaysia (MindaNews / February 27) - The field of peace work can be one that is fascinating and turbulent for many, especially to those who are very much involved in the practice of how to make peace theories and concepts a reality in the context of communities living in conflict.

IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD; Malaysian politics today. By Ayesah Abubakar

PENANG, Malaysia (MindaNews/09 April) -- It used to be that Malaysians have grown resigned to politics and politicking that they would normally focus more on the state of the economy and its impact on their daily lives as ordinary and law abiding citizens. In spite of the many scandals and controversies within and among political parties and the continued challenges of building a nation out of this multi-racial society (which can be very difficult), it appeared that it is the economy and the government's performance in managing it, that remains to be a key decision factor in how the Malaysians would vote in the General Election.

IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: What ails us, Muslims? By Ayesah Abubakar

PENANG (MindaNews/23 December) -- In the recent weeks, I have been meeting fellow Muslims and non-Muslims within and outside the region. I have met them on occasions that discussed the topics on peace, the “Global War on Terror”, and the Muslim economy. Considering the well known “Islamophobia” that we, Muslims, are trying very hard to correct among the non-Muslims, I actually find other things that ail us today.


PENANG, Malaysia (MindaNews/01 October) -- The Muslims are now on their last two weeks of fasting on this month of Ramadhan 1428/2007. Apart from enduring the practice of “fasting,” many Malaysians are now busy making plans for celebrating the Eid’l Fitre. Where to celebrate it? Which “kampong” or hometown to go home to? Which relatives to visit? When to schedule the office Eid “kenduri” or “kainan”? When to invite and visit friends?   

IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: I voted from Penang

PENANG, Malaysia (MindaNews/18 May) -- I am glad that the "absentee voting" is working. Last Thursday (May 10) I followed up with the Kuala Lumpur Embassy that I have not yet received my “balota” from the Commission on Elections (Comelec). They said that many of the mails sent to "absentee voters" here in Malaysia were sent back by the Malaysian Postal Service (or POSLAJU) perhaps due to incomplete address, or, that the registered voter was not present at the time of the delivery.