Snippets of Life in Sydney by Eleanor Trinchera

Snippets of Life in Sydney by Eleanor Trinchera

SNIPPETS OF LIFE IN SYDNEY. “The Development Set” and Poverty. By Eleanor M. Trinchera

SYDNEY (MindaNews/1 April) – It’s April Fools’ Day. I woke up feeling a bit wary. I remember Papang, my dad because he never lets this day go by without a trick. Sometimes, it’s us, but most of the time it’s his in-laws. Papang would borrow money from them and when he gets it, he tells them not to expect payment because it’s April Fools Day. I guess that feeling of foreboding was there because somehow I was expecting that someone is going to spring a trick on me. Or, it’s just one of those days when I feel the loss of my dear Papang.

SNIPPETS OF LIFE IN SYDNEY: Speech days and nostalgia. By Eleanor Trinchera

SYDNEY (MindaNews/19 Dec) -- I have heard so much about Speech Days. It is the equivalent of the end of the year Recognition Day for all the non-graduating classes in High School.

I was not expecting that I will be attending one this year. Noellin told me she was receiving a merit certificate for sports and I was not expected to attend as most parents are not coming. Two days before Speech Day, which fell on her birthday, she told me she was getting two more awards. So my half-day off work for her birthday became a full day so I can attend the event.

SNIPPETS OF LIFE IN SYDNEY: Missing Christmas in the Philippines

SYDNEY (MindaNews/14 Nov) -- It is just 35 days before we leave for the Philippines and, like my daughter and nieces, I am also excited to “go back home.” The girls could not wait to see their lolas, cousins and other relatives and experience “Filipino life.” They adore the idea of walking to church, going to the market, riding in tricycles, playing in the backyard and being able to burn leaves, climb trees, visit relatives in different cities all over the country and being invited to their Mom’s friends’ houses or stay with relatives and get pampered “the Pinoy way.”


SYDNEY, Australia (31 December 2006) – A few more hours and we will all bid goodbye to 2006. A few more hours and the 75th year anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the beginning of 2007 are going to be celebrated with a fireworks extravaganza.  Despite wet weather conditions, organizers claim this year's celebration is something that will leave everyone amazed and they will let the world know how Sydney celebrates.