Child of the Sun

Child of the Sun

CHILD OF THE SUN: Diamonds in the rough. By Ting Tiongco

(Speech delivered at the Diamonds In The Rough awards rites on March 3 at the Century Park Sheraton hotel in Manila).  

Today, we award three young doctors for their service to the Filipino people in the countryside. We acknowledge their sacrifice and dedication in selflessly giving themselves to meet the health needs of those who have less in life, especially in the countryside where resources are extremely scarce. We praise their sense of loyalty to the Filipino people who badly need their presence and expertise to help them cope with the innumerable health challenges that confront the poor people in the provinces every day. 

In short, we are giving the diamonds in the rough awards to these young doctors for doing exactly what every Tomas, Ricardo and Hilario of a Filipino doctor is expected to do in the first place!

CHILD OF THE SUN: Public service and official stupidity. By Ting Tiongco

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/22 April) -- When God was giving out brains to humans, there were quite a few individuals who had their craniums still stuck and hidden in the primordial mud - and they later went on to become the public officials of one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines, Surigao del Sur. And small wonder. Indeed, if one travels its roads, one has the impression that the primordial mud has never left Surigao del Sur.


CHILD OF THE SUN: Northwest Flight 72 D

MICHIGAN (MindaNews/28 September) -- When we offloaded the Japanese, he already had a faint heartbeat and his pupils were reacting to light stimuli. He was alive, but ever so barely.