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TINGOG MANDAYA: Ang kinaiyahan angayang panalipdan

DAKBAYAN SA DABAW (MindaNews/Hulyo 15) -- “Kinaiyahan ug kinabuhi sa tawo usa ra, kung ang kinaiyahan namiligro, namiligro usab ang kinabuhi sa tawo busa kini atong panalipdan kay bugtong kining gasa sa kahitas-an.”
Sa atong inadlaw-adlaw nga kinabuhi, daghan butang ang kasagaran malikay sa atong pagtagad usa na niini mao ang atong palibot. Bisan asa kita motan-aw napalibutan sa atong kalasangan, kabukiran, ug katubigan. Apan ang pangutana aduna pa bay nahibilin niini? Dako tinuod ang problema sa atong kinaiyahan sa pagakakaron. Sa ingon niining kahimtang aduna pa bay maabutan sa mga mosunod nga generasyon? Dili ba aduna man kitay ahensya sa goberno nga mao ang DENR
kon Department of Environment and Natural Resources nga maoy nangalaga niini?

COMMENTARY: Lessons the Bishops learn

Having been prevented by other factors from being present at the CBCP (Catholic Bishops Conferene of the Philippines) discussions regarding impeachment, let me hazard an educated guess as to why the Bishops did not join the clamor of some people and some groups for impeachment.


DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/04 July) --As war in Mindanao again threatens to break wide open following a seemingly last-ditch attempt of the current administration to keep the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) loyal to it, it is perhaps fitting that we reflect on the effects of war on the ones who wish it least. Oh, yes, children wish it least. Ask the surviving Lost Boys of Sudan. Most of the data that follow were taken from the studies done by Geraldine Janier-Arendain and Andy Villa on children caught in armed conflict situations in Cotabato and in the Paquibato district, this city.


DAVAO CITY -- Three years ago, young Dadong of the Matigsalog tribe sat in my class, his dusky face mirroring quiet confusion as I lectured on the fundamentals of psychology in straight English, as was required by the criteria on the faculty evaluation form used by the committee on instruction to rate teachers during classroom visitation.


DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/02 July) -- "Mom, wake up! This will only take a minute. You don't have to get up."

Eight-year-old Sage's voice whispered with hushed excitement against my ear. I could smell her sweet hair as she nuzzled me gently awake. I cracked one eye open in the predawn light and reached out an arm to draw her close. She rewarded me with a snuggle.

"Look out the window, Mom."


DAVAO CITY -- Don't look now, but Baby Boy Smith wants the judge to believe that he must be one hell of a lover. He has a hard time fighting off women who can't wait to get a piece of him. They're falling all over him like a ton of bricks. For his security, he has to have with him three buddies at least - products of the Marines boot camp where boys are turned into strapping men - to help him fight off sex-crazed females who can't keep their hands off his mouth-watering body. Smith really doesn't want to be treated like a sex object with all the inconvenience that go with it. See him go around with a condom to protect himself. Okay, you convinced us, boy. Go convince the judge.

WAYWARD AND FANCIFUL: The communist threat

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/11 June) -- Fellow MindaViews columnist Elson Elizaga, serious artist, unintended humorist (most times anyway), and unflinching activist for cultural heritage conservation, recently emailed me a thank you. In explanation, he gave me back my own words to haunt me:

To write is to be all consumingly self-absorbed. To go public is to set yourself up in the line of unfriendly fire from those out on a moral crusade who won't be able to take the shape of your soul. But in the end, you get to claim who you are. And that, I think, is all that matters.


KOMENTARYO: Akong kaugalingon , akong kinabuhi

DAKBAYAN SA DABAW (MindaNews /09 June) -- Bunga pa sa akong pag-inusara sa pakigbugno sa kinabuhi samtang nagatungha pa ako sa kolehiyo ang akong desisyon nga makig-uban ug makigminyo sa akong kanhi bana nga si Ondo. Diha sa akong panag-inusara akong nabati ang panginahanglan sa usa ka kauban sa kinabuhi aron aduna koy masumbungan sa akong mga kahigwaos sa kinabuhi, sa mga kasakit, mga pagsulay ug sa mga pagpanghasi sa balod sa kapalaran diha sa kabatan-on sa akong pangidaron.


CAGAYAN DE ORO (MindaNews/06 June)  -- Driving from Opol on our way to do a photographic project at Museo de Oro, my palalabs and I were caught in a traffic jam of Biblical proportion at the highway along RER subdivision. To conserve gas, I switched off the ignition, but when I slid down the windows to get our quota of oxygen -- aacck! -- we got carbon monoxide instead.

COMMENTARY: The pregnant cashier by Jelieta E. Mariveles-Ruca

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/03 June) -- What a wonderful ability of a woman to bear child in her womb. This is so amazing and noble task to carry the child in her womb for nine months. She never complains about it. She is happy to show it to the world that she is pregnant and carrying the fruit of her love. But is anyone concerned about her, outside her family?

When I saw the pregnant cashier named Delhia Jamil at the wine section stretching her legs while doing her job on May 22, nobody noticed it, not even the management of NCCC Mall of Davao City.

COMMENTARY: The Bangsamoro has nothing to gain from GM’s cha-cha and shift to Federalism

TAGUIG CITY (MindaNews/02 June) -- Proponents of Charter change aggressively campaign for the shift to Parliamentary and Federalism. To gain support and appeal to the Moro people of Mindanao a Federal Bangsamoro state is alloted for them.

The GRP (Government of the Republic of the Philippines) negotiating panel in the peace process emphasizes the need to change the Constitution to accommodate the demands of the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) that will reflect in their imagined peace agreement this year.



  By Gail Ilagan/MindaNews


DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/31 May) -- ADDU math professors Gina Lapaza-Montalan and Evelyn Beatisula share one thing in common -- they cannot do automatic arithmetic operations. Evelyn says she has to use a calculator. Gina says she can't beat the vendor at mentally computing how much she needs to pay or how much change she's got coming at the wet market.  And yet, Evelyn gets to heaven lost in the beauty of higher math. Some years back, I audited graduate school statistics under Gina, and I can attest that she is the best math teacher I've ever had. She makes math so understandable, bringing up her students' ability to make appropriate judgment on the tools to use given the objective. She can do that because she really understands math.  

WAYWARD AND FANCIFUL: Education is for liberation

(Speech delivered before the 23rd Buklod Atenista Leaders' Summit on 24 May 2006).

DAVAO CITY (Gail Ilagan/MindaNews/25 May) -- It is a distinct pleasure to address the 23rd Buklod Atenista Leaders' Summit and see bright young people come together to draw a measure of their shared reality. Community building begins with the individuals' acknowledgment of being party to a common experience and seeking to understand what the nature of that experience is in order to clarify and define one's involvement and commitment to leadership.