[Note from MindaNews: President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s speech upon arrival from Hanoi, Vietnam early morning of 30 September 2016 at the Davao International Airport in Davao City (the first part a prepared speech, the latter part extemporaneous, including the remarks on Hitler) and the Q and A portion that followed. Source of transcript: Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office].


[Davao City | 30 September 2016]

Salamat po. Colleagues in the government, mga kababayan.

Good morning. I return today from a productive official visit to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

My trip to Hanoi was another step forward in further solidifying the valuable ties between our nations and peoples.

In my meeting with President Tran Dai Quang, we committed to ramp up bilateral exchanges to boost our Strategic Partnership.

We agreed to increase the exchanges between our officials and peoples and establish a six-year action plan starting 2017 for the implementation of activities in the areas of common interest.

We have also agreed to increase the volume and achieve a more balanced trade and investment. We will enhance the investment environment to make it more conducive for businesses in both countries to flourish.

Aside from identifying new avenues of defense cooperation, we further agreed to strengthen existing maritime cooperation mechanisms.

We will adopt measures to ensure the safety and security of fishermen from both countries. We will explore ways to intensify law enforcement cooperation against transnational crime, including the illegal drugs trade.

We recognized that sustained economic growth and development rides on the back of a stable and secure environment.

We reaffirmed the commitment to maintaining and promoting peace, security, stability, safety and freedom of navigation and overflight, as well as unimpeded commerce in the region, particularly in the South China Sea.

We called for a peaceful resolution of disputes including full respect for legal and diplomatic processes, self-restraint in the conduct of activities, without resorting to a threat or use of force, in accordance with the universally recognized principles of international law, under the 1982 UNCLOS.

We are nations for peace. We will continue to be so. A peaceful region is what we owe as a legacy to our succeeding generations.

We agreed to support each other in other aspects of leadership roles in the 2017 as the chairs of ASEAN and APEC, respectively. And to reciprocate the warm hospitality of each of the countries.

I met with several leaders from both Philippines and Vietnam companies and encouraged mutually beneficial investments in the country.

My official visit to Vietnam demonstrated our adherence to an independent foreign policy which seeks cooperation and collaboration with friendly nations on the basis of sovereign equality, non-interference, and the mutual respect to protect our national interests.

On a personal note, I was deeply honored to have been welcomed warmly by the Filipino community in Vietnam. They are our hard working kababayans who continue to contribute to the social economic development of their host nation and our own country.

I informed them of developments in our country and I assured them – as I have assured you – that I will be faithful to the mandate you have reposed in me as your President.

Daghang salamat.

But you know, somebody, he’s a billionaire. And, computed… made some mental computation when we were chatting, they were drinking, hindi man ako makainom… So, during this, about to—‘Yung bago ka matulog, we were in the… I was given the Presidential suite so maraming upuan.

A billionaire made a computation: You know mayor, I’ll give you the economic impact of drugs in the country, your country. I said, this is the way it goes. There are at least, he said, you claim to be three million drugs users and addicts; one hit daily costs around 200 or about 6,000 a month.

If these users and addicts use drugs on a daily basis, that’s about 18 billion a month or around 216 billion a year. Otherwise, this money could… food, education…

And that was the cold reality and I was not able to sleep soundly that night and even… I was so stressed. Why, the figures. Because the mining industry gives us about 70 billion only and here is a cost of 16 billion, destroying lives. It’s an investment to destroy lives. It’s an investment by the drug lords that will break the social fabric of our society.

Alam mo pag may adik sa pamilya… pag meron na magnakaw ng mga bagay-bagay na mga… ipagbili na ‘yung mga kotse kung saan-saan. And, pag wala na, they go into crime and that is why nationwide, ang crime, went on a spindown.

We are going… mga almost 50 percent in the entire country. Wala na masyadong patayan. And here is a nation, which its ordinary government employs are talking as if they are gods. And to later on to be orchestrated or followed by the [inaudible].

Instead of coming over, knowing fully well, it could not escape their attention that I entered into the presidency of a budget that was prepared by my predecessor and that budget is in operation now.

No other source. The budget for next year is being prepared. And now we have placed funds for building rehabilitations in the military camps, as I have requested the Armed Forces of the Philippines to weigh in, into the problem.

It’s so exasperating… Knowing that… I said it could not have escaped their attention. They are running a government also. Instead of saying: You know, [inaudible] Duterte, instead of killing them, why don’t you build several–?

Well, I get funds from the Office of the Foreign Affairs. Get it from Evasco, the Secretary… Get it from the funds, the intelligence fund of the Armed Forces of the Philippine? Or Secretary Aguirre? The newest enemy of my friend.

So, it’s not allowed. That would be like robbing Peter to pay Paul. And this is the tragic thing about miscalculation, whether it is in business, whether at computing household. You have always to calculate correctly. That is why there is Calculus and it’s the greatest need for a Calculus, even in the military.

The danger is always miscalculation. I don’t know if those guys there have the… pea-brained to think about calculations. It’s only good, criticize that’s it, in public.

There is the United Nations. You can always deliver your speech there. As the Commission on Human Rights. Or of voting, then go send some rapporteur.

And I was investigated during my mayorship days already. And there is the result. Ano gusto mo, [inaudible]? And all these years, not a single case was filed against me. It’s all talk until now.

Now, question is… quoted by the EU, by this, I said the pea-brained lawyers there. That this official, this, even when he was mayor, he was threatening the kill the criminals. What an idiot. Group of idiots in the purest form.

You know, when you want to charge me. You have the find out if the penal laws of this land would make a mayor liable if he threatens the criminals or intimidate the wrongdoers.

You can read the penal codes, criminal laws of this land, you’ll find nothing. And to say that this mayor has been threatening to kill criminals… anong—Kaya kung ikaw nandito. Bakit hindi ka magmumura?

You’re portrayed or pictured to be some… a cousin of Hitler. And you do not even bother to find out, to investigate… Imagine that, I will be fishing and even the international court for genocide. Hindi ba naman kabalbagan ang mga—

Ikaw… Presidente ka tapos ganonin ka. It was of course all right when I was mayor. Because then, that would be about just a miniscule of the affairs of the humanity in this planet. But when I am the President and [inaudible] you know bitter and stupid. You put all the Filipinos, especially outside, you put them to shame.

Okay lang sa akin. Sanay ako sa politika eh. Eh lahat ng kababuyan, dumating na sa aking buhay. Pero itong mga ganito… Ako, look. Kayong US, EU. You can call me anything. But I was never into or I am never into hypocrisy like you.

Close your doors, it’s wintertime. There are migrants escaping from the Middle East. You allow them to rot and then you’re worried about the death of about 1,000, 2,000, 3,000.

Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now there is three million, there’s a three million drug addict. There are. I’d be happy to slaughter them. At least if Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have you know, my victims, I would like to be all criminals to finish the problem of my country and save the next generation from perdition.

Salamat po.


Q: Good morning sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Good morning ma’am.

Q: First question po sir. The lawyer of Jaybee Sebastian said earlier or yesterday and this morning that he would only talk to you and not to anyone else, not in Congress, not to any other forum, but it would be something like doubly explosive, but it has to be with you. Would you agree to that term or would you?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I do not talk to criminal. He can go to the fiscal if he wants. Or maybe write a letter to Secretary Yasay if that is his [inaudible]. What? He has a problem now?

Q: The lawyer said that he–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sinasabi ko hiningi ninyo lahat ‘yan eh. Been telling everybody, ‘yang drugs na ‘yan, hinihingi ninyo sa buhay ninyo. Dadating ‘yan. I said be careful of what you wish for or what you want because you might get it.

Dreaming of money. Living in filth of the… Wallow in several, at the expense of your fellow human beings. It will come. As always, the comeuppance and the law of karma, I assure you, that is a very valid universal statement.

Q: Sir, you mentioned earlier that in your visit to Vietnam, the WPS, the West Philippine Sea issue was also discussed–?


Q: Could we ano—I don’t know if it’s possible but even further details po kung pwede? Further details in your talk with the Prime Minister–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, some of there are not for public use. Because I talked to several set of officers, the ruling chairman of the party. Party first then the government. I talked to the President after the Prime Minister.

Some are… points is that what I’ve said. It’s a general… It has been repeated several times already. But if you want to know about what happened, what transpired in our talks, I’m sorry I cannot divulge it all because I do not have the authority from them and besides, put it, to put it in a correct perspective, serving the nations, respective interests.

Q: Thank you sir.

Q: Good morning sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Good morning. Maayong buntag ma’am.

Q: We believe in your advocacy sir that you want to promote, not just drug-free Philippines, but drug-free ASEAN Community. Therefore, I would like to ask sir what’s the response or promise, commitment of Vietnam with this particular advocacy sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sila ‘yung unang… So I was just figuring out how to get rid of this three million… It’s a, they are, they are so strict about it. And, do not mess up with these guys. They have been at war for so many generations. They will not hesitate to finish you off.

Q: So are there any promised commitment when it comes to actions?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, yes. They will share intelligence data from… I would like to talk to the… I’ll be sending some military and police. [inaudible] for specific purpose. They have agreed that it should be a concern, not only for the two nations, but for entire region. Salamat po.

Q: Good morning Mr. President. Sir just to be categorical about it sir. When you said na we are about to see the last of the joint military exercises between us and  US. Did you mean na–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, yes. In my term, yes. I don’t know if that treaty would take some form but in my term, yes.

Q: Sir, just a follow-up sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I am not, I am not… I would not be using my you know, my entitlement as commander-in-chief. I would simply say that that is the foreign policy.

I do not want to tire… you know. There’s a joint —and you can ask the military—They asked for a joint maneuvers, operations and yet there is no capability between the weapons and the armaments they use and even in the communications.

Walang capability ‘yan. It’s all soiled… and soiled clothes. They do not share. I said  I was… sabi nila bugok raw ako kasi hindi ko alam that the jets were made in Korea. Correct but that was outsourcing. Kanila rin ‘yan. Magbili ka ng rubber shoes doon it’s made in China. But the owner of the trademark– You cannot buy the planes there without the blessings of…

And meron tayo. Bumili nga ng tatlo. Sabi ko nga noon huwag kayo magalit sa’kin. The Armed Forces, do not be disappointed, because may eroplano tayo. Hindi naman tayo pinagbibilihan ng… They don’t allow us to buy the missiles. So what would be the point? Ceremonial, good. I agree. We should have too. Okay na ‘yan sa akin, para ceremonial, for ceremony only.

Prangka-prangkahan tayo dito ha. Walang… I said I do not want to be hypocrite. You can call me but I do not want to be a pretentious leader. ‘Yung jets natin wala ‘yan. ‘Yung F-58s, what’s made in Korea.

So, I said it was owned by them. ‘Yung… We also have the capability to make a jet, transfer of technology. That’s what I meant. Be careful with your hearing. You might get it wrong.

So we are a simple… we are a humble country. We are very simple people. We will operate our government in a very simple manner. I ask everybody in this government to cooperate. I do not want to go into a massive purge of government workers and officials.

Please do not tempt me to do it because sinabi ko ayaw ko ng graft and corruption, especially money that’s intended, ‘yung mga…well I’m not attributing it to anybody, to the poor, to the farmers na hindi mag-abot o down the line yang mga loans nila, minus-minus diyan sa nag-facilitate. They get nothing at the end, the bottom. Skip that. I will really skin you alive.

I’m warning those in government. I promised the people a clean government. Huwag ninyo akong hiyain.  Karamihan ‘yan regulatory boards and agencies. [LTFRB] and well of course with the advent of new leaders there. At kayong, I have nothing, that’s why I chose General Galvante. Why? Because I had an occasion to work with him here. He was the RD for sometime. And Attorney Delgra, also…I worked the the son. I worked the father.  Lahat ‘yan mga regulatory. Lahat ‘yan medicines and all. Do not commit the mistake.

I will read your name in public and will ask you to resign. Pag ayaw mo mag-resign, ibulong kita doon sa mga addict at ‘yun ang nag-squeal sayo. Sige, go ahead. Do not force me to place you in a very uncomfortable and awkward position.

Listen to me now. Wala kayong iskapo. My mandate is for six years. In the fullness of God’s time, if he’ll make me alive and you’re a corrupt… Hayaan mo na, dumaan na ‘yun. Those were the days when everybody was on the take, everybody would… Nandiyan sa Customs, may bagong tao diyan. BIR, may bagong tao diyan. Lahat.

Wala naman kayo… [inaudible] but I was, I am talking of the past tense ha. Good as he… [inaudible] time to discuss corruption, maski na umaga na.

Wala naman kayong… There’s nothing, there’s no technical office in that NEDA. There’s nothing to compute. So why would it take you years?

All departments, one month. Down the line, local governments, issuance of licenses, permits, police clearance, fiscal court, three days. Three days lahat ‘yan. Down the line, from the Office of the President down to the barangay, three days. After three days, ilabas mo. ‘Denied.’ What for? Why? Kung nandiyan, release na ninyo.

Now, I’m addressing myself to the people of the Philippines, if you experience any event or incident in the fashion that I am setting the rules now, let me know. Let me know.

You go to your… sa mga pari ninyo. You do not… Do not give me… if you’re afraid. Just give me the SOB. Wala na ‘yung ano. Hindi na kasi, alam mo… ‘yung tao, you’re not even milking government.

Actually at the end of the day, you are milking the Filipino people. Please. Lahat ng mga kriminal, I’m telling you now. Drugs, stop it or I will really kill you. Siguro magkaproblema ka, huwag kang pumunta sa akin. You asked for it. If you want, you bring your secret to your grave.

I think it’s about… Is there any question?

Q: Hi Mayor. On the death of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, we just want to hear your message and if you could give-

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, I would like to–

Q: …Share with us a little, how do you remember the senator?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: First, I would like to express my deepest condolences. I grieve with the family, with Narciso, the husband; si Benjie used to be a general of the Armed Forces of the Philippines; and to the children, I share your grief and if I, if I be back on time, I’d like to visit the wake.

We have lost a leader. The colorful language also… And above all, ‘yung utak niya. We have lost one good guy in our government.

Wala na? Is there–? Mag-breakfast na lang tayo sa baba pagkatapos. Ayan o, fair is fair. I’ll give everyone a space.

Bakit wini-whisper mo ‘yung tanong mo? You use the–

Q: Good morning, Mr. President

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, sir. Good morning.

Q: Mr. President, what is your reaction on the remarks of these two US senators on the alleged extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, noting that there is a wrong way of dealing, the law enforcement, due process and–?


Q: US Senators Benjamin Cardin and US Patrick Leahy?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Do not interfere in our affairs. I will ask him now: Why are you shooting the black people there when you’re on the ground?

Sila pwede tapos tayo hindi. ‘Yan, sabi ko hypocrisy. There’s a proper way of arresting a black man there. You arrest him. You grapple with him. Pin him to the ground, place him under handcuff and bring him to the station. Do not shoot him, with the video and the cameras all around.

So I’m returning the courtesy. Sanay kayo ng ganon eh. You criticize people outside of your Congress. [inaudible]

So, they went to Iraq, the United States of America, president ordered the armed forces of the United States to enter Iraq on a flimsy excuse that there is a mass, weapon of mass destruction, joined by the British government and people.

What did they find? Nothing. What happened? They killed Saddam. Now Iraq is a fractured country. They undermined Libya. They killed [Kadafi]. Libya is now a destroyed nation. They wanted Assad out, but Assad was being supported by China and Russia so until now they’re slaughtering civilians. Who gets the honor?

I said, let us… I would like to appeal… answering that two senators. I’d like, to the government of the United States, stop this hypocrisy game and we’re all right. Stop being hypocrites. Do not pretend to be the moral conscience of the world. Do not be the policeman because I… You do not have the eligibility to do that in my country.

Kaya ako, I’m just a small, but I’m growing. Everybody wants to have picture with me because they say, “You’re the only one who can b*****.” Of course I will. Thank you.

— END —