DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: National Banana Congress, Davao City

[Note from MindaNews: President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s speech at the National Banana Congress 2016 at SM Lanang Premier, Davao City. Source of transcript: Presidential News Desk of the Presidential Communications Office].

Presidential Communications Office
Presidential News Desk

[SM Lanang Premier, J.P. Laurel Ave, Agdao, Davao City
7 October 2016]

Before I am given talking points but before that I would like to draw a picture, the world global business. It’s a highly competitive world today and everybody is into the business of money and that is why there is a lot of competition going on. Maybe, just maybe the Philippines will make it big in the agricultural area. Within the span of the next thirty years, three decades I don’t see any rising of the new industrial sector, probably the new industrial sector. It’s too tight. The resources are committed already and besides we lag behind in the money business. But what would make the industry valuable? Ang agriculture is actually Mindanao and only in Mindanao.

We can expect mining industries to sprout everywhere and in the process destroy the land also and other export processing zones that Tugade and the rest plan to do on their own, kanya-kanyang silang plano and if you put into an implementation I’d see on the third year a lot of smoke billowing in the Philippines and again we are bothered by the thought ratio and proportion you are not supposed to grow beyond yung ating…ang kuwentada kasi nitong mga g*** yung ratio and proportion vis a vis with the rise also. Hindi pwede yung humabol tayo at a rate on our own because you have to do some computations.

Pag umakyat sila at umakyat tayo then ang ating akyat is just a ratio and proportion of the existing gas emissions. That’s one of the graphs that is the…I do not think is the…they have deposited there as of yesterday, yung mga sa climate change. I do not know if this is the (unclear) still carry. What I’m trying to say is that, ito kasi sila, at the expense of the third world now still. They went into other lands, conquests, leave off the fat of the land, itong mga imperyalista and they were able to obtain their rise unbridled, unimpeded but just about yung giyera. But otherwise, they were enjoying I said the fat of the land of other peoples’ countries. Agricultural was very low and yet if there was a business it was only the foreigners who were the first ones to get the benefit from the kind of arrangement that we are in.

Wala akong ano diyan. Maybe it’s the fate of the Filipino but what I don’t like sila kasi umabot na, umabot na sila at the apex of their industrial supremacy. They cannot go higher than that what we have now. And yet we in the third world countries are trying to catch up and we are stymied not only by the cartels but also by the refusal of these industrial countries to understand. Gusto natin umabot. We want to reach what they have achieved. But then again there are so many things, so they said it’s the emission, carbon footprint, you cannot go beyond this but then again if you go around the Philippines you have to go by the hundreds of kilometers before you see any factory.

And if you decide, if our planners like Piňol and other members of the Cabinet who are all bright. Puro ito mga cum laude (unclear). Si Piňol baka siga eh, he is in the boondocks or the farmland. He is a sum, suma cum laude yan, so is Tugade, so is Yasay. Ako lang ang bugok diyan sa totoo lang.Totoo. You might ano…Tugade was a classmate. Dominguez is my childhood friend. Puro valedictorian lahat yan since the beginning of time. I was the only one lagging behind because I enjoyed my elementary and high school days. When they were studying very hard I was enjoying my life taking most of my time. Mas maganda kasi ang kabataan mo kaysa dito sa…Presidency susmaryosep! If you only knew…kung pabalikin ang…ay susmaryo…I am the chief clerk of the government. Every time, every night there is a folder there, Department of Agriculture, Department of Foreign Affairs, Labor and I have to read it. Baka ma-Arroyo ka, place the marginal notes, okay approved. But you have to read it. My earliest go home time in Malacanang is on the average, two o’clock, two, three, four. Then I wake up because my day starts at one. So attend to all the business of the government. Again I go home. I do not eat dinner just yung finger food na sandwiches ang kinakain. Then I, that’s the routine. (unclear) I got there. It’s lonely. Alone. ‘Di ko naman mayakap mga guwardya kay lalaki man. Walang babae kung minsan yung mga aide ko itong si…umuuwi man sila paghatid sa akin just to make sure I go home alive. After that kung mabangungot ako wala silang pakialam.

I do not have a privacy because you are not supposed to lock your door. You are not allowed to do that. Although they have not tried to open it up without knocking. And I haven’t experienced one na ginising ako but they are not…you cannot lock the door. I don’t know why. Basta makatulog ka diyan anong gawin mo? You can just leave it unlocked. Okay naman na. I suppose na baka may magnanakaw huli nila agad but that’s the rationale of the life of a President. Beyond that there is nothing. Really nothing so balik tayo dito sa banana. But the greatest promise of the banana growers in the Philippines for that matter is really the law and order. Until and unless we can put together a country that’s bereft of any revolutionary tax, extortion and everything, susunog yung farm implements, it’s because of the taxation. If it’s not the taxation of the communists, it’s the extortion of the roving bandits in Mindanao.

So at first even before I took my oath of office I tried to reach out to the communists and right at the start my administration we started the talks. I am very happy. We are freed of the countryside vis a vis itong Communist Party of the Philippines, NDF, NPA. But the others the MoroNational Liberation Front and the Moro Islamic, I was able to talk to everybody and Misuari is getting out of Jolo next week and we will begin the talks. The MI we are now talking. Andoon si Secretary Alonto, miyembro man ‘to…he was the first one to go to the Middle East to train and fight the Philippines. Sila yan eh, (Sema), Misuari, si…itong sa Basilan, si Salapudin sila yan.

So I am glad that the pulitiko, the politicians in the Islamic Liberation Front puwede na magusap. Murad is a moderate. Jafaar is moderate. The Central Committee I suppose are moderates. Ito naman sa kanila there is the MN pati yung sa Jolo I said I don’t know how they are going to fix their dynamics between the MNLF but they are also willing to talk. Now the only problem is there is a certain sector in the Mindanao area that refuses to talk about peace and ito yung mga Moro na inabutan ng atrocities of the imperialists.

You know in 1521 I’d like to repeat it again and again and again so that you will understand. 1521 Magellan landed in Leyte and the idiot claimed that he discovered the Philippines. They’re in the history books. Look at our history books noon pa sa amin. Who discovered the Philippines? The answer was Magellan. Anak ng p***** kung ako ang Presidente noon sampalin kita. You burn that book or I’ll…we were doing alright. Before the Spaniards came, we were a people although in sparsely populated areas but we were here already. And so I cannot imagine why would it take for a Spaniard to discover us or an Italian whose trip to the Philippines was sponsored by the Spanish imperialists.

Bakit ganoon? But when he was here, when he landed he unloaded the cannons, the gunpowder, the muskets. They were the rifle of the times, the swords and everything plus the greed of somebody else’s country. Yung Islam naman was already thriving here in Mindanao.

As a matter of fact Islam was one hundred percent dito sa Mindanao because Mindanao was really part…you go to the archives of Malaysia at itong sa Indonesia.

The level of table na dapat. And so I cannot understand really and so I’d like to know where the corruption is still prevalent because I’d like to… If you do not help me, I cannot erase corruption. I just cannot go to any office and start asking anybody, where’s the, where’s the SOP here. You have to tell me.

Now there is a Malacanang TV, PTV4, so may program ako dyan, I’ll give about, every morning, one hour. Lahat ng Filipino na nakatikim ng, whether it’s in the permit sa office of the mayor, or an electrical clearance or way of right already paid but unimplemented, itext mo na lang.

Your name, the government official, do not add your name.

Sabihin na ninyo, may corruption dyan sa city hall, ‘yung business. Kasi ang business permit, sa panahon ko, three days, sa kanila ngayon, one month. Magbigay ka wala na talaga akong magawa. But if it just any sense at all, tulungan ninyo ako. Now I said, for each department, they are only given one month, lahat sila.

So pagdating doon it should, you have the stub, kailan nila tinanggap and I told each department to give the guy, lalo na labor, give him a shopping list for those. Tutal ‘yung nandyan lang sa likod ‘yung mga NBI, BIR, nandyan na, may kiosk.

So sabihin lang, I’d like to address myself to the nation, ilagay lang ninyo doon. At 1:00 o’clock you transacted business. Tapos naisubmit mo na lahat ‘yung kailangan nila, and yet they are asking for more.

Ang sabi ko sa mga taga gobyerno eh, and I will see to it, you are dismissed. I do not give a shit if you are a director, or a general. Sabihin mo, give him a shopping list. Do not add or take anything from it once it is released. Then go to your computers. Malaki ang gasto ko sa computer. Ilagay mo doon, kalian siya pwedeng bumalik for the paper. If it is really for rejection, clearly state why. And I’d like to read. So kayong mga Pilipino, itext lang ninyo.

Tapos sabihin mo ito ang hiningi, ito na naman ang bagong hiningi nila, then that is corruption. Mahirap man ‘yan.

If you are made to go back and forth, magtext lang kayo. No more names. Magtext lang kayo, ako na ang bahala.

Pag ‘di niyo ako tulungan wala talaga akong magawa para sa inyo. If you do not help me ferret out the bad guys. Eh di ‘wag kayong magcomplain ng corruption corruption.

Ito may buksan ako sa inyo na avenue, ito ‘yung…. Now remember na ‘wag man kayong… baka galit ka lang ilagay mo na dyan si Rodrigo Duterte, yung supervising clerk ng ano, tapos, that’s just too bad. Because at that, I would have to ask your name, alright. ‘Pag niloko mo ako, di ko na alam kung anong ginagawa ko ‘pag niloko ako. Pag niloko ko ako hanggang ganyan na lang tayo, wag mo na ako, ibig sabihin do not, wag mo akong gawing gago, ayaw ko ng ganun eh, so ‘yan na lang. Because there is… doing alright, so far so good, but there is still corruption.

Saan? Sa Maynila, Quezon city, Davao city, Cebu. Local government, ilagay mo na lang dyan Ito si Mr. Eusebio Morales, ‘yung ano, pinaglalaruan ako, pinababalik ako. So it is flashed everyday all throughout the country. Tapos tawagin ko, sabihin ko ano nagawa niya pagkamali. I will call him to Malacanang. I’ll pay for his plane fare. Pumunta ka dito at humarap ka sa akin. Ayaw ko ‘yung niloloko mo ako. Ayaw kong lokohin mo ako, kasi ako dating manloloko.

Noong araw nasa altar ako nakadapa kasi niloloko ko ‘yung nanay ko. Nakaluhod ako palagi sa munggo pati… ‘yung ganun. All that I ask is really your cooperation. All you have to do just to name the idiot. You do not have to… sulat mo lang, ngayon by text.

Ito ngayon I’ll open a number sa (inaudible). Magcontribute si Pangilinan pati si Ayala ng numero ko, tutal they are… maraming pera sila dito sa. Wala kayong kumpetensiya. Magtext ako, maghintay ako ng reply. Matulog na muna ako kinabukasan ko pa mabasa. Tinitiis ko lang ‘yan. If you do not do it right, you wait, I’m going to China.

I’ll open up everything for competition. Buksan ko na lang lahat. Pati ‘yung lahat ng mga babae, lahat.. ng magaganda sa buong mundo, walang Visa, pasok kayo dito, p…. i ‘yan. At least mag-init ulo mo, makakita ka ng babae maglamig ka. Ano ang pangalan mo?

So I am pleading to the people. I promised you no corruption. If I cannot get you there, you are the one’s also surrendering to the idiots, that’s not my problem anymore. Then you deserve the country na ganito.

I promised you drug war, so… they are being killed. And the Americans, the EU and itong Human Rights kung magsalita, if they reprimand you, it is as if ako ‘yung boy nila. I am not your servant.

Do not do it to me. When I was mayor, you can criticize me. Nagiging side issue na ‘yan sa Republic of the Philippines. I’ll teach you the… the final points of government. But when you are talking to me Mr. Obama, Human Rights pati EU, kung hindi kayo luku-luko, I am the President of the Republic of the Philippines. I am not an ex… I am not extraordinarily proud of that title. I refuse even to be called your Excellency because nakakatindig ng balahibo. Just can address me, to all my friends I do not, I ask them not to call me President.

Tanungin mo ‘yung Cabinet. You address me as mayor because ‘yung na yung palayaw ko for years. ‘Yun na ‘yung palayaw ko all these years for being the mayor here for 23 years. I am comfortable with mayor. I am not at ease with President, President. I’d just like to tell you that I am not inordinately proud just because I am President, but you cannot criticize me. But do it in such a way that you learned people taught the third countries. That when I am President, there is already the UN body and that we are a member and I am the President.

So Mr. Obama, if you want, you can ask your Ambassador to the UN to make a complaint. Then for that body, it’s a collegial body, if it’s an issue of security, then the Executive Security Council would refer it to the one on which organs and that would be the Human Rights Commission.

Ask them to investigate and make a report and that is the time you call my attention, get it?
Now EU, you are too far away for me to worry. You’ve been threatening to cut aids and everything. Who do you think you are? Without your aid, fine. We will survive. But do not threaten me that there will be cuts and… sonamagan. What do you think of us, beggars?

You cannot even handle the refugee crisis. There was a time when you let all the Moslems in, but there is a time now that you close your corridors and it’s winter time and they are out, suffering cold and sickness. Do not talk of Human Rights.

If you were the nations, Spain conquered the Philippines. The Dutch, that’s you, conquered Indonesia. British, you conquered Malaysia. Then you occupy, that was the fifty five days at (inaudible) because there was this storm body of franchise of selling opium in China, that you can never really expect a Chinese.

You were the ones’ who had the exclusive franchise to sell opium to the Chinese people. America, Balanggigay in Samar. You stole the belfry, ‘yung bell namin. It’s now in your hands. There was a time five, ten years old above, you massacred all of them. So do not teach me about Human rights. I am trying to save the country.

Four million drug addicts is no joke. We are not a rich country…. We do not, It is only China who has helped us. I requested the military to open their camps to allow people who’d want to donate rehab facilities.

China is about to complete sub rosa. Walang hambog, walang news, neither any publicity, it’s about to be completed. It would house 1,400 drug addicts in Fort Magsaysay.

Pagkatapos you, instead of helping us. You know very well that I entered the Presidency midterm and I was operating now on a budget that is not mine. This is Aquino’s budget. Next year pa ‘yung akin, because you know I entered midterm, June. But the budget is prepared for the whole year. Who would ever thought, I know that it was a problem. Of course in Davao there were extrajudicial victim, I will not deny that. But it is not a policy.

It only becomes an extrajudicial killing if it becomes a policy of a state to kill criminal. That was not, otherwise, I would not have.

You know I lose two policemen everyday all over the country, on the average, because they fight back. That should (inaudible).

Why are you, because, that garbage started in Davao. It was a political issue. Everybo, everyone who died here, na walang suspect, automatically determined, salvage victim. So it was carried on to a national concern. Remember United States Mr. Obama, it was never an issue against me during the entire election and you can ask anybody, even your embassy personnel and your intelligence here and everywhere.

It was not an issue against me. It only became an issue when I was hitting the ratings of 32 and it stayed there, then Trillanes and the barking dogs started late and even invented bank accounts.

You are all connected with a, banks, you, the rich guys here. You can ask the bank. We are not also willing to come up with the open statement, so you can ask them. Tingnan ninyo. If there are billions there, I will resign. You just ask the manager there eh computer lang yan eh, then you would know kung magkano. Ask the managers just to compute. Between you and the manager, you open the computer.

‘Yan dinala ‘yan na issue when I was already up in the rating. So it was carried by the left and until now ‘yun. Sabi nila mga Oligarchs, I don’t give a shit. Sabi nila na itong isang kolumnista dito based outside the Philippines. He keeps on warning me about getting ousted by people power.

Tell you. I’ll tell you the secret of life. Me, all of my expectations in my youth, in my teen days, of my youth. My expectation ko baliktad. I never wanted to be mayor, I just wanted to be Judge. I told the late Mr. Ayala, sabi ko I can pinch hit for somebody, for my mother, because my mother refused to be vice mayor, eh yung anak na lang, so they got me from city hall, ah, ya, ‘yung building. It’s owned by the city but national employees kami.

Then I became it. I never wanted to. Why? Because my father was governor of the (inaudible). I never like his life. Pero pati ang pamilya ko sumabog. I never wanted to be Congressman but I became one. I only wanted to be the top Prosecutor because that is the love of my life, prosecuting people in court. I never wanted to be President. I was not there to file my certificate until the end, then as a substitute because I was pounded on by (inaudible). President Ramos was one of them, came back and forth to Davao… (inaudible) for refusing to serve my country.

Now I’m President, I tell you. Please listen very carefully, lahat kayong mga media. I don’t give a damn of what happens. I’ll tell you, I am staking my life, my honor and the Presidency.
If that is my destiny, ousted, killed, I take honor. There will never be a situation that you’d catch me stealing even a piece of… but there will be more deaths. I promised the Philippines to end the drug problem because it will… If I do not do it, then the next generation of Filipinos will be compromised.

Your children who are now in grade school, ‘yung sa college wala na, maybe. And six million is no joke. They are scattered all over the Philippines. But what is the most important, Mr. Obama, EU and Human Rights, is this, in the tradition of the south American States, which failed, my country now is a narco politics thing. G… it. You better listen.
There are about 5,000 barangay captains and about 3,000 police officers into drugs. The portals of the national government has been opened to narco politics by the election of De Lima. Until now she plays coy. She doesn’t want to admit her immorality when as a matter of fact, Dayan and her craze for sex made it possible for them to be corrupt.

Ayaw niyang ano… she never denied snippets of fraud, snippets of truth, ‘yun ang dahilan bakit pumasok and narco politics. Because of her excessive sexual desire. She had to compromise. She compromised eh… hindi lang naman si Dayan eh, you must have heard Sebastian, the one she stayed in the Kubol for four hours. Ang ibig sabihin magpa masahe ka lang walang mangyari?

Kung ako ang prison na hindi nakakatikim ng babae, maski ‘yung walang ngipin (speaks in Visayan). Lokohin mo ito, she is, she is always throwing it, the drug problem that I am willing to be shot. I am telling you, this is what happened, if you kindly remember.

I was summoned by the Senate. Remember I was summoned by the Senate to testify on rice smuggling. You remember that?

Ok, I testified there and I said this was the one. Because nobody was willing, galing dito hanggang Maynila, nobody, no idiot in this government nakilala si Bangayan. So I went to the intelligence community, sa Aguinaldo. Sabi ko wag ninyo akong bulahin, bigyan ninyo ako ng face of, because I am supposed… sabi nila “wala mayor eh”. Wag niyo p….. i…. wag ninyo akong…. Wag tayong maglokohan dito.

So the Next day it was delivered to the hotel, doon sa desk. So I testified. Sabi ko ganun… ganun.. Sabi ni Enrile, If you find Bangayan in your city, what will you do with him?

For stealing seven billion of the people’s taxes, money, I’ll Shoot them dead. Dahil ito si Jinggoy, ever the smart alec, sabi niya, andun nakikinig kayo, ah ano ‘yun, ano, ano? I said (inaudible)… ano yun? ano, ano ano? Sabi ko mabuti nakita, napreso ka tuloy…. (mumbled) what’s going on? Sabi ko, Senator, in lieu with the statement we’d like to hear patayin ko siya.

So after that si Obam…si De Lima taking offense, right after, may mga….. si De Lima na, natulilig eh pag nakita ito, ano, ano kaya ang tingin niya dito?

We’ll of course already pag kinakarga pa ‘yan eh, double barrel….. one after the other.

Sabi niya, you know, Duterte threatened… it’s not good… I said, sue me. She was there, so I prepared a statement before, you remember but I just kept on looking at her eh naka yuko lang siya.

Sabi niya “I should be sued.” Sabi ko, “Hay De Lima, akala ko ba abogado ka.”

The only body who can question me, the only persons who can, maybe put me to task would be the Senators and the Senate itself, as a collegial body. Nobody but nobody outside of that Senate can question me.

Ang mga senador lang. Sabi ko, “do not waste your time on me,” ay… remember, may problema ka kasi sa Muntinlupa nagluluto na sila ng shabu. But she was so arrogant with her power and she thought that, ‘yun, ‘yan ang mahirap eh. It will last forever.

Lahat kayo there is, there is one thing in life that I’d like to keep you in mind. Remember this, miscalculation. Very important, in whatever. Awayin mo asawa mo, you carried it to far and wish, you calculate everything. Bantayan mo ‘yang word, miscalculation.

Walang marami… ako at my age at 71, nakuha ko na and let it be to wisdom. Not really big one. But lahat ng diskarte ko pumalpak because of miscalculation. Even sa negosyo. Do not. Be careful with that word.

De Lima miscalculated everything. She thought that it never come out, openly creating something like this. Even carrying an affair in the full view, paggawa ng bahay sa boyfriend niya. San kumuha ng pera ‘yung boyfriend niya?

Look at, I am not trying to. Look at the sartorial elegance of the earlier photos of him saka ‘yung mga borloloy. On the days of the Human Rights, tingnan mo ‘yung damit niya. Tingnan mo ‘yung mga alahas niya. Make a comparison, it shows. Hindi mapigilan. Lahat na bumagsak. Lahat ng bumagsak itong corruption. Maganda bahay, magandang kotse, na mi-miscalculate eh, para bang hindi ito malaman ng tao.

Mang-iinis, pati your neighbors, makakakita sila makita may Mercedes pa dyan, magandang kotse. It is always miscalculation. Bantay kayo dyan.

Sa girls ganun rin. Ma mis-calculate mo akala mo mabait kasi kung niligawan mo pa, sus, akala mo… so there will never a time I would have to quarrel with this woman, lady. She’s very good, gentle and everything, pero pagdating ng panahon dinosur pala ang ugali, o’ dinosaur if you want. Too late. Baka ligawan mo ‘yan aysus ang bait, parang mahinhin. Hawakan mo pa ng kamay ‘yan, “‘wag uy,” mamya mag-away kayo, hawakan mo na, sampalin kita dyan ngayon. Hay naku. It’s always miscalculation.

And so I end my, historic (inaudible) this afternoon.

There are so many problems, ah, It’s a global thing, competition. But I hope to report to you, good news when I shall have visited Japan and China. Ah, I’m quite positive sa China, okay lang. We will have the ah, Filipinos’ additional fishing grounds. I think they will ease up with the quality control for the banana and so many other things. Ah, Sabi nila, “we will help you with these and we’ll do that.” What really out standed me was the, just went to the… I ordered the Defense Secretary to open up the military camps. Sila lang ‘yung may space eh, and they are now starting to build. The 1,500 dormitory is about to be finished and they are promising for more.

Hindi ko naman sinasabi sa mga American na, I mean I do not (inaudible) to do that also. Sunud-sunuran ka. Ganun man… we sacrificed for you. You stayed here. You are still doing business here, eh niluluk… nilulunok ko na lang ‘yan. And, we… suffered during the last second World War, because you were here. Had you not been here, we would not have experienced so much destruction.

The battle of Manila alone, 200,000 Filipinos died, because you were there. So, these are the things that, do not forget, do not say it’s, it’s 45 years ago, 60 years ago.

In the relation between race, tribes, the past, is past, valid as the present. Assess yourselves because if you don’t, you will lose the Philippines and I assure you.

They say that it’s not for EDCA. The war games is not a part of EDCA, mind you. If you don’t look at it again, ask your lawyers because I have read it. The war games is not there in flat word that says that you can have it. This year would be the last. This year would be the last.

You want to house me, break it. You want to use this (inaudible), go ahead.

I said I put at stake my honor, my life and the presidency. What happens to me, is really a part of my destiny. If I’m ousted and that is part of my presidency. But for as long as I am there, do not treat us as like a doormat. Because you’ll be sorry for it.

I will not stick with you. I can always go to China, invite them.

I have met Medvedev, during the Summit, it was a top secret thing, I am revealing it to you. I said, “send your businessmen here and we would see if we could buy the things that you have.”

And for the foreign policy, I will open up the Philippines. I do not want to antagonize you. But I said, “try to give us a little of respect. You do not go around reprimanding, reprimanding a head of state as if you were talking….

Salamat po.