DUTERTE TRANSCRIPTS: Arrival from Malaysia


[Delivered at Davao International Airport | 11 November 2016]

Just kindly sit down.

Distinguished co-workers in government, friends, ladies and gentlemen. Good morning.

I am glad to be back from my visits to Thailand and Malaysia.

In Bangkok, I paid respect to a true friend of the Philippines and the Filipino people, His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

His Majesty will be remembered by his dedicated efforts to foster goodwill, mutual respect, and friendship between our nations and peoples.

In Putrajaya, Malaysia, I met with Prime Minister Najib Razak. Our discussion focused on the need to further strengthen the Philippines-Malaysia partnership for a safe and secure and stable region.

As ASEAN brothers and maritime nations, we recognized that cooperation between our countries by the other stakeholders is key to ensure that our sea lanes are not used for illegal purposes or criminal activities.

Earlier this year, we made a headway with the signing of the Framework for Trilateral Arrangement between Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines on Immediate Measures to Address Security Issues in the Maritime Areas of Common Interests.

With Malaysia, we committed to explore all available options to ensure greater collaboration in the joint coordinated pursuit, the interdiction, and the arrest of criminal and terrorist plying the waterways between our countries.

The Philippines is always will be unremitting in the efforts to address criminality on land, at sea, and between borders. 

We also committed to sustain the efforts to achieve just and lasting peace in Mindanao.

As we proceed with the implementation phase of our peace process, Malaysia will continue to play an important role. 

The Philippines is ready to work with Malaysia and all partners interested in securing for generations of the Mindanaoans and Filipinos, a future free from fear and conflict.

Malaysia continues to be a partner for growth and development.

My message to business leaders is clear: The Philippines is open for business and we will provide the environment that is conducive for industries to thrive.

Business leaders expressed confidence in many of the opportunities for investment in the Philippines. 

They showed keen interest in infrastructure, mass transportation development, building of regional centers, joint ventures in agribusiness, halal-certified products, and high value post-harvest processing facilities.

I tasked the Department of Trade and the Industry to follow through and ensure trade and investment with our 10th largest trade partner as it continues to grows, and I refer to Malaysia.

As neighbors and friends, we have shared responsibility to ensure that common dignity, particularly the vulnerable, the weak, and the elderly and the youth is upheld.

This is one area that should bring our nations and governments together.

As incoming chair of ASEAN, we count on Malaysia’s support for our efforts to build a stronger, rule-based and people-centered ASEAN.

My visit to Malaysia showed that there are more areas of mutual interests that will bring our countries closer and make us work for the achievement of common goals.

During these two visits, I strived to enhance our relation with our neighboring countries and explore more opportunities to further advance the best interests of our nation.

As I have done in the past, I also met with the Filipino community in Malaysia. I was humbled by their warm welcome.

I reassured them that government will utilize all the resources at its disposal to make our country safe and prosperous place for them to better appreciate and experience once they finally come home to reunite and live with their families.

Maraming salamat po.

I can take a few questions. 

Q: Good morning, Mr. President. Welcome po. Sir, napag-usapan niyo ho ba ng Prime Minister ng Malaysia ‘yung about sa MRT project nila for the Philippines? And kumusta ho ‘yung meeting? Ano pa ho ‘yung mga napag-usapan ninyo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, most were the… really be focused on infrastructure pati agribusiness. Lahat ‘yan and there’s… A lot of projects on deck. So I would say that it would keep our country busy in the coming months.

But, by the way, I have to remind you that there will be a lot of projects on the streets. There will also be commotion and sometimes derailment of the traffic situation.

But I said that it’s just a warning and people who continue to complain, but then… Wala namang libre dito. There’s always a drawback.

But I’m sure that with the implementation, in the coming year, and I would [place?] it that maybe, next year early, we would see the developments.

Q: Kasama na ho ‘yung sa MRT project nila po ano?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kasama ho ‘yun. ‘Yun ho ang mauna talaga because it involves mass transport, moving people.

Q: How about po doon sa ano… May plano ho ba sila to invest on palm oil?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ang tagal na nga ‘yan eh. Problem actually, let me be very frank. ‘Nong una may pumasok na dito and as a matter of fact, they sent their agronomist, the guy who examines the soil for its appropriate plant.

Ang nangyari sa Paquibato, para wala na tayong bolahan dito, is the Malaysians were ready at the time. And after a positive finding sa suitability sa soil, what happen is that suddenly, eh ang mga NPA, alam mo na ‘yung banners nila everywhere, just simply no to palm oil.

And I asked them, bakit. Sabi nila, sabi daw ng mga expert… ang problema kasi nitong maraming experts, lalo na sa internet.

Every time they can [inaudible] who knows about a little of everything and everything so little, eh may sari-sariling—Malaysia has prospered. It has not lost its moisture or water. 

Hindi ko talaga malaman na kung bakit. Ako naman even with my assurance was wrong as there’s always the threat, then we cannot do anything. Ganon ho ang nangyari diyan ma’am.

But they will try again. And again I will make sure to meet the experts of the world about water under the soil and ask us to explain why it is so.

Kasi ‘yung sa Agusan banda, I think it’s Del Sur, matagal ng palm oil diyan sa ano. It has a proven to be a good source of revenue and a source of livelihood for the people there. 

To delay, based on something which is not really accepted by everybody and to the detriment also of government plans to alleviate standard of living ng tao, eh nagka-buhol-buhol eh.

I really do not know but I think somebody should talk to them again. Maybe this would be one project that we can ask about doon sa Oslo because while waiting for the final result, ano man ‘yan, kailangan natin na, we have to improve the lives of the people. 

Ako actually, kung ang sitwasyon ganito lang, pati pag-alis ko, I will consider myself really a total failure.

If I cannot improve or even a few bars, notches above, is one thing for me to do is, totohanan ito ha, either resign or give it to somebody else. 

Masyadong mabigat ang problema at kung marami namang aktor, eh ‘di kayo na lang. I’m not so… I have no illusions about this presidency.

I will work because I was elected. Why I ran, I cannot tell you why. I’m even asking myself.

But I’m trying to do my very best. [inaudible] I think that I’m failure or I cannot hack it, might as well give it to somebody else. 

There is no dishonor to be honest to one’s self. 

Q: Hi, sir. Welcome back, sir. Sir, I know that you’ve already sent your congratulations to President-elect Trump. But may I ask if you’re comfortable whenever people compare you with him?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Compare me with Trump?

Q: Yes.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Susmaryosep ma’am. I am just a small molecule in this planet. He is now the President of the most powerful country in the world.

I am just a President struggling to barely to just above the water ang ano natin. I say I would have…. you have to worry about ourselves first.

But, comparison… No, I don’t think we– Well, what we share in common, maybe, is the passion to serve and it is… it’s given. 

When you run for a public office, you’re expected to– Sometimes, it goes with the, you know, sama loob mo, mag… Despondent at times, sometimes just plain, well maybe tired. But most of the time, it is always… hindi kontento kung– You have to push more for the country.

Q: Sir, what is your anticipation of the expected change in foreign policy that will be implemented by the incoming US president?  

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. I will pursue what I’ve started. I’m not into the habit of reneging on my word.

And my partnership with China and the rest of the ASEAN remains. I will sail the state of the nation, and it should be pushed by the wind of self-interest only. The self-interest of our nation.

Q: Last question for me. Have you committed to attending the APEC next week? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That’s… I’ve been talking about it in the airplane. It’s a long way across the globe. Even the… it’s a long haul and it will kill you. By the time you reach the– I will decide.   

I asked… Totoo ‘to ha. Eh sabi ko kay Secretary Dureza pati kay Secretary Yasay. Sabi niya, “Sige Jess.” “Ayaw ko part.”  Tapos sabi rin ni Jun Yasay, “Hindi pwede ‘yan, kailangang nandoon ka, kasi dapat meron kang pakikitaan na tao doon.” “Sino?” May binigay siya na pangalan. 

Q: Is it going to be the outgoing President, sir, of US? 


Q: Is it going to be President Obama for a possible bilateral meeting? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. I think… Hindi talagang… Kung kaya lang sana nila without my presence. If my presence is indispensable, I’d rather not kasi malayo. I hate long hauls. Talagang hindi ko kaya ‘yang–

Tsaka malayo masyado, mag-ikot kami sa… sabi nila, ang ruta namin is through New Zealand because if you… by the Pacific, ang point of entry diyan sa North America is America, United States. And ang exit mo would be Kennedy Airport, New York or Miami. 

Wala akong nakikitang view doon. Mas ‘yung Auckland, maybe then– Ang problema baka magtuloy-tuloy ‘yan sa South Pole. Sila na lang muna mauna doon kasi malamig. 

Well, really I said that just a joke. Alam mo pagka-ganun na-aano talaga ako kasi… ang [inaudible], haluan talaga ng… ‘Di ko man sinasadya. Pero it’s actually the long haul that’s worries me.

Q: Thank you sir.

Q: Good morning, President. I’d like to ask your stand or your position on the coconut levy fund.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It should be returned to the people. The law is actually clear.

There is a committee composing of the Executive department, tapos ‘yung Congress at tsaka a few representative from the private sector. 

My position is very clear noon pa. I want the money returned immediately to the people. But the problem is, ang decision nagsabi, you cannot determine anymore the many coconut farmers who are affected at that time or who were prejudiced.

So ang ginawa, the Court, Supreme Court ‘to, made some suggestion of how to go about it, improving the quality of the coconuts na funding projects related to the coconut industry. 

Pero ‘yung pera medyo malabo na. The Supreme Court said so. Pero kung sauli, I want it returned, by way of building institutions, agencies that would enhance the coconut industry. ASAP ako diyan kasi pera ng tao ‘yan. 

Pati kami, nag-contribute diyan sa levy na yan, ‘yung pamilya namin. My mother’s coconut, not ours.

Q: Okay second question. I’d like to follow-up on Trump, President, how do we foresee relationship…the Philippines and America with Trump’s administration?


Q: Would it be friendly–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: As is. We are friends with the… an ally. We have an RP-US military pact that was 1954, I think, vintage. That would bind us in the matter of saying whether or not you side with this or that.

But I do not foresee any war in the next 100 years. So we will maintain our cooperation of… The committee, the respect should be there and in all matters that would affect our two countries, especially the treaties that we signed, with them, in the so many agreements. It will be honored, all of these things. 

Q: Good morning, sir. Sir, Secretary Lorenzana mentioned that the implementation of EDCA will push through. Are you confirming this sir or will.. and will there be limitations to the implementation of EDCA?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I said, because by the time we were… I talked to the Secretary of National Defense, they were, na-firm up na nila ang arrangement and I said I do not want na mapahiya ang Pilipinas.

Well, of course, not so much because I was already vocal against it. But in deference to the Secretary of Defense, sabi ko, O sige, but this will be the last time. And I expect that by the time I end my term, I do not want to see any, any, not only U.S., even African or Chinese or whatever, [or Russian?], I do not want to see foreign military troops in my country. 

Q: But sir can we seek clarification also for the continuation of military training. Will this still exclude military exercises? And sir, what prospects do we see that now we have a new President, when it comes to military ties. Do we see reunited ties with President, Trump winning?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Let us put aside Trump here. Actually, in every military exercise, whatever, it is always America who learns much.

Kokonti lang ‘yung sa Pilipino. Kasi, kanya man ‘yang Palawan, ano i-training mo dyan. The one thing that really bothers you is that ‘yung communications nila, pati ‘yung state of the art, because they are rich. Maybe they were advanced in time and space.  Ano ‘yung kanila sophisticated. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ours, they do not… they are not compatible. Ayan sila pwedeng magko-connect-connect diyan and even the matter of communication. 

You’ll have to use the basics noong nalaman nila. But the United States is using an altogether new gadgets.

We have not been provided by them. It’s expensive but I’m looking forward to other countries. I could get it from Japan, China. I could get it from Russia or sa Middle East, sa Israel.

 ‘Di na kailangan tayo mag-ano kasi hindi naman puwede tayo maghingi nang maghingi. You know, this paradigm of hand-me-down. And I’ll tell the military and the police, stop it. Kung wala na, ‘yung bayonet na lang, hand-to-hand combat. [inaudible]

We always… we go there to study and our bright boys there, guys, our soldiers make so many, you know, advanced projections. ‘Yung mga thesis nila nakinabang hindi naman tayo.

Actually ha, we do not need anybody to train the Filipino soldier. By themselves, they are warriors and capable of a conventional war. Kung rebellion-rebellion lang, I do not expect any war against any other nation.

Terrorism, drugs, kaya… kailangan ‘yan ng… eroplano nga eh. ‘Yan lang naman ang pino-project ko. The most serious is, if it comes itong terrorism. But what is bugging us now is really ang droga.

And I cannot tell you my next move but I will try to invite and ask everybody to participate. ‘Yung pinakita ko dito na ganon kakapal, ‘di ko kaya ‘yun.

I mean, if I use the contemporary rules, constitution and… ‘di ko talaga kaya. Kasi gusto mong patayin, maubusan ka ng panahon. Hindi mo kayang patayin lahat.

At, you know, if you do that whether it is justified or not, the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations will always be there.

And I said, kung habulin mo naman lahat… Remember, I am warning you again. We have become a narco-politic nation. Many of those involved are barangay captains. Halos lahat nakikinabang kasi.

Police, mga official meron pa, to the level of mga hanggang mga… anong tawag? ‘Yung mga sup, superin– Bakit ba tinanggal ‘yung dating–? Remember me, Secretary Andanar, to ask Congress, balik tayo doon sa police corporal, police—

Sino bang gumawa nitong SPO1? Instead na regular na police ginawang special police, special– SP1, SP2, SP3. 

Sino yan si SP? Esperanza? Doon ata kumuha ng…  [inaudible] No, there should be something like… I’d like to tell government, especially sa police… kayo do not–

Ayoko lang masaktan kayo but may ano talaga kayo… You do not have a very–

Maganda naman ‘yung police general. Director general. Maganda naman ‘yung police colonel. Kasi ‘yung—

Tingnan mo ‘yang si Lapu-lapu. Naaawa ako diyan. Kasi ‘yung… ‘yung siya sa insignia ba  ‘yan? Hindi nga ako nakatapos ng ROTC, kaya ganon eh. Mga ganoon.

Ito ngayong bagong director general, si Lapu-Lapu naka-ganon. Bili na naman sila ng bagong patch. Pagpasok ng ibang director, another administration, si Lapu-Lapa muhatya na.  Naka-ganon na.

You know, alam ko… People are not idiots. Filipino people. Stop it. Stop it. Kaya ang police, kaliit-liit na sweldo, magbili ng mga bago. Stop it.

If you want I will increase your salaries three folds. Just stop it.  Plus ‘yung corruption. It is corruption. Hintuan ninyo ‘yan. Huwag ninyong gawin sa aking panahon. And I will ask a lawmaker to balik tayo doon sa police constable–

Kagaya ng reporting niyo ha? Raid conducted in [inaudible] tapos adult and adult and assault. 

You know, just say, I’d like to direct you know. Just say Davao del Norte, in themunicipality, or…  Malaman na niya. Or CIDG. [inaudible] suot-suot dito, ‘di ko malaman. Basahin ko ‘yung briefer? Akala ko asosasyon ng mga bugok itong p****** i**– [inaudible] nakakainis–

Pati ako nalilito, kaya magtawag pa ako ng l***. Ano ba itong–? Sinong nag-ano nitong, ano dito?

Summary ako sa lahat ng namatay pati buhay nitong araw na ‘to eh. Sinong itong [inaudible].

Teka muna sir ha. ‘Yung tinawagan ko wala ring alam. Ay susmaryosep ka. You better go back to lesson one. Police patrolman, constable, or whatever.

And I have plans of… I said if the terrorism will creep in, I will maybe create, instead of the SAF. I will create the, back, Philippine Constabulary.

And it will be under the Armed Forces na. So apat, balik tayo sa apat. Army, Navy, Airforce, pati PC.

Q: Good morning sir. Sir, you have given the green light to Malaysia to deport the around 7,000 Filipinos who were in Sabah, who were illegally migrated there? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, we are almost ano… Okay lang sa kanila and I said no clemency, except that give us time to—

Ang problema doon kasi ‘yung mga Pilipino walang edukasyon. And, we cannot expect also Malaysia to absorb them because hindi sila Filipino citizens. They should be… learning our history, not the history of somebody else’s country.

But they are there. So I will ask government to intervene. We will have to put up schools there. And sa ospital naman, nakakahiya naman na kung puro… hindi tayo nga nakaroon, that’s an added cost to them. So we will ask a neutral country, maybe neutral agency rather, WHO whatever.

 [inaudible] hospitals there. Pero atin ang mga tao, ipadala natin. I-deploy natin. The nurses… Kawawa eh. Kawawa ‘yung mga Tausug doon na… most of them are Tausug but they are Filipinos and they should be attended to.

Q: Sir, maayong buntag. Sir, clarification lang doon sa bubuuing Trilateral Arrangement or Agreement with Indonesia and Malaysia, papaano po ang maging siste ‘non kung may hahabulin na mga kidnappers, or Abu Sayyaf coming from Malaysia or Indonesia at papasok sa teritoryo. Papano po ‘yung arrangement natin?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I cannot talk about it kasi the Defense Secretary of our country and the Ministry of Defense of Indonesia and Malaysia have yet to firm up something there. And it would be good not to discuss it. Even if there’s already one existing, I would rather [beg off?] 

Any more questions? Ikaw, ma’am, meron ka pa? Damihan mo para ma-newspaper na naman tayo dito.

Q: Sir, last question po talaga. Sir, in today’s Senate hearing on the killing of Mayor Espinosa, the senators are convinced that what happened was premeditated. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Murder you mean, rub out?

Q: Yes, the murder. And apart from that Kerwin Espinosa will be fetched in Abu Dhabi to come back in Philippines–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: And he has plenty to tell.

Q: Yes, and according to him, how does the government plan to provide him with the security that he needs and his request to be provided assistance?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I think there’s a team of NBI, plus two other officers of the PNP. I’m sure, I guarantee you, he will be brought back. Takot ka baka ihulog diyan pag-uwi sa Pacific?

Buksan mo pa ‘yung [inaudible] diyan. No, he will be repatriated. I’m sure of that.

They are just working– It’s not that easy to extract a guy, illegal doon tapos dalhin mo… There are rules to be followed. But he will be back to face the charges.

Now, ‘yung dito sa Senate. Let me state my case as the Chief Executive of the Executive branch. I believe in the version of the police. They have evidence to prove otherwise, then a case should be filed against the police.

But as I have said before, right at the start, very early on sa administration ko, I will protect and I will support the police in this drive against shabu.

As I have said, we have become a narco-politics state. It is my sworn duty to preserve the generation. It is my sworn duty to see to it that we do not slide just like the other countries of the world, particularly Latin America.

So walang dapat ikatakot ang mga pulis. Suportado ko sila na kung sabihin nila bakit si Duterte susuportahan ‘yung pulis. Natural, utos ko ‘yon eh. The fight against drug is mine. It was not somebody else’s order. I [inaudible].

And as a matter of fact, if anybody should go to prison, I should be the one. Ako ang nag-utos eh. So I assume full legal responsibility. 

Akin… So if I rot in prison, so be it. At least, ang pinangako ko sa inyo, sa taong bayan, that I will stop corruption, I will stop drugs and criminality.

1`I said if I lose the presidency, if it means going to jail, fine. What is important to me is my word of honor, na hindi tayo masisira as a nation, because by then it would be too late for everybody. 

Doon mayor, nag-oath taking sa umaga, pagka hapon patay. Ang admiral sa Mexico pinutulan ng ulo, kasi ang humihirit doon ‘yung marines, why? Because they have corrupted all of the police there. And the Armed Forces had to utilize another unit to do the job for the police. I will not allow that to happen in my country.

So this is actually mine. Huwag kayong tumutok sa police. Just wait for their explanation. Just wait for their version.

In the meantime, if you run out of people to blame, look at me because I was the one who ordered the war against drug.

I did not pronounce any police punitive action because that would… That is why the Armed Forces are into it also. Same, they will have my protection and I assume full, legal and any responsibility.

Maraming salamat po. 

— END —